Monday, August 11, 2014

Worlds Collide. Magic Reigns. Love Burns. Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini

                So I realized I’ve only done I think 1 review from a NetGalley provided book in while.  I have been behind in checking and requesting books as I had so many others to read and I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew.  However, they did approve me for Trial by Fire Book 1 in The Worldwalker Trilogy by Josephine Angelini about a month ago, but I held off on reviewing until closer to the release date which has moved up from the end of October to September 2nd.  Score—always great to get a book sooner than expected in my opinion. 
                Cover lover for this one.  It's all dark and mysterious with a castle looming in the distance and a lone girl standing before it with her hair whipping in the wind and fire and fog blocking her path.  It makes you want to pick it up.  I have been reading some pretty great books lately.  I really enjoy them and am ecstatic to share them with you all so that you may learn about books you might not have heard of yet.  Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini, the book I’m reviewing today is another supernatural story that deals with magic and alternate worlds; like a fun house mirror image that can leave some things the same and others distorting them.  Our main character Lily is having a hard time at life, what with everything trying to kill her on a daily basis.  She has these horrible allergies that are a huge detriment to her life.  I have a friend who has some serious issues with new things popping up and being allergic to them so I was instantly interested in this character.  Lily has been unable to enjoy most of the normal things kids her age do because of said reactions but she is bound and determined to go to one high school party with her best friend and longtime crush, Tristan.
                Something horribly embarrassing happens in front of not only her crush but half of her class and all she wants is to disappear.  Frankly who hasn’t had one of these moments?  I know I’ve had plenty where I wished I could become invisible in that second or magically be somewhere else.  Well Lily does go somewhere else, she is transported to a different Salem than she grew up in; one with horrifying creatures, the Woven,  and ruled by Crucibles.  She finds many things and people she is familiar with in this world, even herself; but in this world of magic her other self is a powerful and cruel ruler.  She soon finds that what makes her weak in her home world makes her special in this new Salem. 
A handy little chart from the authors blog
                Everything is a bit of a mess for Lily.  She wants to get home.  Talk about confusing to magically be in a new world with magic, and then to find out a majority of the people want you dead, well technically the other you(Lillian) but still.  She meets with the Outlanders, those who live outside the walls and are in constant danger of being hunted down by not only Lillian but the Woven.  No one knows for sure what to make of Lily.  If trained will she turn out to be just as vicious as her other, or will she save them all?  Most conflicted is Rowan, a Mechanic, Lillian's ex Mechanic specifically, who isn't her biggest fan.  Can Lily prove she isn't like the other her and she only wants to find a way to get herself home?
                The story line was pretty interesting and I was pulled in pretty quickly.  I liked being inside her head and seeing the way she processed all the information she was thrown.  She is a very understanding person and is able to look past a lot.  She tries to be strong and confident but she is also fragile, not only in body but in her heart.  I loved seeing how she interacted with the different people and handled different situations thrown her way.  She stayed strong and kept who she was as a character is.  She learned more each day and used it to make up her own decisions despite everyone trying to pull her one way or another, including Lillian.   There was a lot of good banter to be had as well.  I love jokes and references made to things in her world that only confuse people in this world; it always reminds me when I make a book reference and no one in that group reads so I'm left with, "you don’t get it but trust me its hilarious."
                The different characters all have their own little things, similarities and differences with her old world and new world, but then there are plenty of people she has no reference for.  Rowan for one is very closed off and he seems hot and cold but as we slowly see the different layers inside we along with Lily grow to understand him better.  I can't give much more without ruining the story so I'll leave it at that.  I really enjoyed this story and give it 5 Witchstones.  Have you read this book already?  What do you think?  Tell me below in the comments.

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