Friday, February 13, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie

                So as I mentioned I had plans to see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie last night with some friends.  I did.  If you are one of the few people who have somehow managed to not hear about the books or movie in some form or fashion, for or against, in the last few years then I am amazed.  It’s an erotic/romance that follows Anastasia Steele as she meets billionaire Christian Grey and her life changes as she is introduced into his world.  Full of sex and Dom/Sub relationships, other adult content, ringing any bells?  My showing was packed.  It made me happy to see it so full.  As one could guess the audience was made up of about 85% female.  I read these books, a couple times now, since the latter half of 2014.  I have my thoughts on those here if you’re interested.  Proceed knowing this review is by a fan of the series who was excited for the movie.  These are my thoughts on the movie as a whole and as a book to movie adaptation. 

                First WOW.  Okay so the soundtrack is pretty kick ass.  I got it only a day before the movie came out so not a ton of time to enjoy but I really enjoy the songs and after seeing the movie and having scenes in mind when I hear them, only gets better.  Oh and if it wasn’t clear I loved it.  I loved the way it played out on the screen, how they took the book and translated it to the screen in a way that was true and beautiful.  The contrast between Anna and Christian was there, the clear night and day differences in their lives.  Her just finishing school and him billionaire businessman who has… structure in his life.  I never had any issues seeing either Dakota or Jamie in the roles, maybe because the trailer is what made me decide to read the books so I visualized them, but they were the roles for me.

Yes please!
They had the chemistry there as well to back it up, even though I keep hearing people say they have none.  Okay I admit some of their interviews are more reserved but they are both more private which I can respect and as long as you have that chemistry on the screen that’s all I care about.  To me, they have it.  Even in the trailers the way he gazes at her, like he wants to just rip her clothes off.  And Dakota played the poor Anna so well but also gave her a bit…more backbone with him.  Without the inner monologue (AKA inner goddess) where her thoughts were stronger than her actions.  It was a nice blend.  Everything is still there but in expressions and actions or conversations rather than internal conversation with herself and not as in depth.  This is something I think many will enjoy as the inner goddess is one of the biggest things I hear people complain about in reference to the books.

So the inner goddess is gone from the movie, or more infused in other ways.  The sex is not gone.  Sure they edited/cut it to make it suitable for the screen and they did cut out several scenes but when you have so many of them in a book and you want the movie to have the impact but also have more story you pick and choose.  Of the ones they cut, I get it, some just wouldn’t be able to have the ummph they had in the book shorting of making the rating go up, if possible, and risk theatres choosing not to show it. 
With the cutting of scenes there wasn’t nearly as much e-mailing back and forth.  They do on occasion message which showed on the screen but not nearly the in depth letters they e-mailed one another full of witty and flirty lines.  Also their jobs are left a bit in the dark, hers more than his, she is supposed to be applying for jobs and such after graduation and that plays a role in the next two books.  They also didn’t get too in depth with some of the lesser characters.  There was more of them in the books, obviously, like Jose, Christian’s family, Dr. Flynn, Dr. Greene, and our friendly housekeeper.  Speaking of Dr. Flynn, or the lack there of, they toned down some of Christians “stalkerish” features.  And the food fights.  Yes in the books, all three, it is always a thing with him making her eat, he’s constantly taking her to eat or trying to feed her because she never seems to eat.  He does give her food but some of the scenes are changed from a restaurant to a walk in woods or a business meeting.  Leading from the business meeting, instead of a lot of back and forth over e-mail and in person talking about “the contract” with the rules and limits, they have a business meeting.  I liked it.  It was a kind of take control kind of moment for her as she tries to understand and come to terms with his world.  That being said the rules are never clarified or negotiated just the limits.  Also it’s not really stated the no touching thing clearly until the end, sure he always stops her but doesn’t really mention it being such a huge deal, a HARD limit, until the end.  I would have liked it mentioned a bit earlier.

Wow looking at this now it seems like I have a lot to complain about that is different, but I didn’t feel that way.  I think it was beautifully done and yes as a book fan I would have clearly liked more of everything, every line and such translated but that is unrealistic.  The overall feel of the movie to me will please fans of the book, I know it pleased me, and also can be enjoyed by those who didn’t read the books.  I look forward to seeing it again, without the full theatre.  As much as I loved the combined laughs, gasps, and whoohoos of everyone I would like to see it without it.  For me I give it 5 Stars.  It made me proud as a book to movie adaptation. 

On a side note then end, well let’s just say it was made abundantly clear at the end who hadn’t read the books before the movie.  That’s all I’ll say on that.  Also given how book one ends I did go home and finish my re-reading of Fifty Shades Darker which I had started earlier in the day after spending all the previous night re-reading Fifty Shades of Grey.  I’m posting a bit later than usual but I’m functioning at work on less than 3 hours of sleep and I keep getting distracted as I write this with clips and such on the movie.  Anywho here it is.  Tell me what you think in the comments love it, hate it, or undecided.

Laters Baby!

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