Saturday, April 4, 2015

Let's talk Shatter Me

Look isn't it so pretty
               At the start of the year I completed a series I had been hearing about for a while but had put off.  My reasons are not story related but simple book nerd problems.  The covers changed by the time I heard of them so I had to wait for them all to be in paperback so they could match.  Plus the last one was about out so I figured why read them then have to wait so close to the end?  So I waited and marathoned them.  Yep this is the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi.  I read them all, Shatter Me, Unravel Me, Ignite Me, and the two novellas Destroy Me, and Fracture Me (novellas also available in a bind up called Unite Me).  I’ve went back and forth on doing a group/series review but I find I can’t do that without the whole thing being super vague or one big spoiler so I’ve decided to break them up. 

                Today I’ll be discussing only Shatter Me the first book and what brings us into the story and world.  The reader follows Juliette, a girl who is not quite normal.  She hasn’t touched anyone in 264 days and that was an accident that was branded murder.  The Reestablishment is the government and have branded her a murderer and locked her away because her touch is fatal.  As long as she doesn’t kill anyone else in the looney bin no one cares, they have more to worry about with the world falling down around them than a 17 year-old girl.  The Reestablishment said they had a way to fix the world when they took power but now with so many dead the survivors are whispering war and The Reestablishment has changed its mind to help.  Juliette could be more than a tortured soul stuffed into a poisonous body and just maybe she is what is needed.  But she’ll have to make a choice to be a weapon or be a warrior. 

                I have to point out the cover, the redesigned cover, is beautiful.  I have a thing with eyeballs, when hurt they make mine water but when done beautifully and artistically they are fascinating.  Also I love the added feature of the bird image in the iris very subtle but it carries through with the other books.  Totally superficial but let’s be honest we all love a pretty cover.

                Shatter Me does have more to offer than a pretty cover.  I found the plot to be gripping and intense.  I also immediately felt for Juliette.  To have a lethal touch and be unable to touch or be touched without killing someone, she reminded me of Rogue from X-men, which I adore so points there as well.  That would be a harsh way of life.  This book did take a little bit for me to adjust to it style wise, there is a lot of strike through.  I wasn’t accustomed to it but once I acclimated to it, it became part of Juliette and helped it fly by.  Also if this is something that bothers you stick with it because it lessens through the story as our main character grows into herself.  She no longer needs to cross out or retract her own thoughts as much. 
The original isn't bad but I like to match!
                This story has a lot going for it and interesting characters.  Some things are left vague and unexplained but as we know what she knows and she’s been locked up for a while it’s part of the story.  You want to know more and that’s important.  Oh and some of the characters be it love them or hate them.  Juliette like I said I related to some of her pain and isolation and felt for her.  I wanted to see her take charge of her own life.  She is strong.  Even if she doesn’t know it or is afraid of it and not just physically with her power but mentally and emotionally.  To go through what she has to this point and still keep her head is amazing.  Her love interest, Adam, at first leaves you unsure who and what he wants but as you read you see their connection and he is able to give her the one thing she’s never been able to have with another person, physical contact without the overwhelming dread of killing or hurting someone.  Warner, the young leader ruthlessly ruling his section with an iron fist and no heart.  He is obsessed with Juliette and the weapon she can become.  Oh how I hate him.  The vile things we see him do are just….yes horrid.  Then we have Kenji.  I ADORE Kenji.  He is hilarious and sarcastic even when he's in serious pain.

                The romance between our characters is sweet.  It's a first love and totally new and amazing because for Juliette she has never even hoped she'd be able to have this.  Add his soft and sweet way with her and their shared past and you have some cute first love.  You root for them and hope they don't get caught or get in trouble, or at least I did. 

                I enjoyed this book and gave it 5 stars for being different and captivating.  There were some parts that I found to have a lot of coincidence happening in them.  Some luck of the draw and hard to believe this just happened naturally, but not enough that it detracted from my reading experience.  By a certain point in the book, which I won't say directly because I don't want to ruin anything, but yeah it cleared up any doubts I had about some future story line paths.  That part had me fuming as one of my book buddies can attest. Still I enjoyed the story and I liked where things were going overall with the world, the powers, and the rebellion.

Rating:  5 Stars

                What did you think of Shatter Me?  What was your favorite part?  Also I am getting the chance to interview Sarah Negovetich, author of Rite of Rejection which I reviewed here.  I've opened up for questions to add to the interview on my Twitter page (@Evilous88) and on here.  If you have any questions and post them on my Twitter or in the comments I'll try and ask them.  I'll also be hosting a giveaway then as well, I'll post more on dates when I have them so stay turned.  Next I plan to finish reviewing this series. 

                Thanks for checking in.  Don't forget to take a moment to comment please J


  1. I remember when we read this. Even though we didn't read it together as a readalong, we read it around the same time and it was great talking to you about it. I remember how angry you got at some parts. lol

    I still need to finish this series and I am glad that you decided to split your reviews, because I was able to read your entire review. I usually have to skip your spoilery section if it's a book I didn't read yet.

    I sent you a list of questions for Sarah Negovetich. I am about half way through Rite of Rejection and I am enjoying it tremendously.

    1. Hey Bo! It was fun reading this around the same time as you and being able to discuss things that were happening in the story. Yes I got angry at some parts, but that's when they don't happen the way I want them to of course. But after a rant I was back to the story.

      YES you need to finish it so we can discuss. I'm glad you can still read and just skip over spoilers, I do try to give warning for those.

      I got your questions thank you. I am glad you are enjoying the book! Thanks for posting!