Saturday, April 25, 2015

As You Wish

                Trying to keep on pace with things even as real life is being stubborn, I have another review for you.  Also don’t forget to check my previous post, interview with author Sarah Negovetich and enter the giveaway that’s open until 4/29.  This post will also serve as a heads up of sorts if you live near the Atlanta, GA. area.  There is a cute book store called Little Shop of Stories; they are amazing for so many reasons, the best of which is that they usually host amazing authors there for talks and signings.  I live about 4 hours away but I’ve made the round trip drive for a few different events and have two planned for the start of May.  I’m mentioning this because, yes there is a point to my randomness sometimes, on May 12th Maggie Stiefvater and Jackson Pearce are going to be at an event there!  I adore Maggie’s work and loved meeting her last year.  I am stoked to see her again but also to look up this new author, clearly cool in my book by association. 
                Turns out I had a book by Jackson Pearce.  I had bought it on sale because it looked cute but had not gotten around to reading it and as such the name didn’t click for me.  Looking up her books I saw a familiar cover and realized, “I have that.”  Then proceeded to read it.  So I’ll be discussing my thoughts on that book, AsYou Wish, with you today.

                As You Wish is a super-fast read.  I realize I can sometimes finish a book in a shift at work depending on how things are that day, grant it I do work 12 hour shifts, but this one was fast for anyone.  It doesn’t feel like the 304 pages it says it has.  I started it late in my shift thinking I wouldn’t be able to finish it but it only took a few hours, appx. 4-5 for me with work stuffs in between.  I found the whole thing captivating and engaging and I wanted to know what would happen next. 

                The basic storyline to give you a feeling for it focuses on Viola.  Her boyfriend broke up with her and she has spent her days since silently wishing to have someone love her again.  More than that she wants to feel she belongs again.  Then one day of mindless wishing she summons a young genie out of his world and into hers and he’s stuck there until she makes her three wishes. 

                Jinn is impatient to get back home to his world but he’s stuck with Viola, who is afraid she’ll wish for the wrong thing.  This forces them to spend time together.  After making her first wish she realizes that after two more wishes Jinn will disappear from her life forever.

                Doesn’t that just sound like a cute fun read?  It was!  First I’ve never read a genie book before and I like it.  I have always been caught up in the idea of the genie and being the one to grant wishes, I believe it’s all Robin Williams fault for being such an amazing Genie in Aladdin.  I just got a bit teary thinking about it now if I’m honest.  Like one of my childhood classics I still enjoy today, Viola and Jinn are special.  I respected Viola right off the back, even when she was down over a breakup.  The circumstance is worth being down over.  Plus the overall point of wanting somewhere to belong rings true to not only high school but in life.  We all want somewhere we can belong.  And Viola didn’t want to rush.  She wanted to think things through which is more than I can say for some people. 
                Overall the characters were interesting and though they had their moments, I overall loved them.  It was cute seeing Jinn spend more time on her world than he was used to and his freakish worry about aging by the minute.   The development between the characters grows as the story speeds along and while it was quick it wasn’t insta-love which would have detracted from it.  The whole journey through the story was really one of self-realization and to be with Viola as she discovers who she is and finds her place, even if it wasn’t what she expected, was sweet. 

                This book is not what I was expecting.  I went in expecting an average cute totally predictable book and I came out with a unique little tale witch characters I just adored.  This is my first Jackson Pearce book but I have a couple more on order now after enjoying this one so much and I can’t wait to meet her and hopefully discuss them with her in May.  I recommend this book for a super quick fun read. 

Rating: 4 Wishes

                You know the deal.  Please take a moment down below and share your thoughts.  What would you wish for if you had your own Jinn?  Also if you’re going to be at the Little Shop of Stories event let me know so we could maybe meet up, I know I’ll be meeting one book buddy there.  Enjoy.  Until next time; Keep Calm and Read On!               

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