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Ignite Me and my imagination a Shatter Me conclusion

                Okay so this is the end of the Shatter Me series and my reviews on it.  I'll discuss the last novella Fracture Me and the final book Ignite Me.   You know the drill there will be spoilers for the previous books in the series so read at your own risk of being spoiled. 

                Fracture Me is the second novella in the series that takes place during the end and just after book two Unravel Me.  We get to see things from Adam's perspective.  We see the battle and the aftermath.  Adam isn't in the best place emotionally.  He's reeling from his breakup and trying to make do with everything else happening. When he nearly loses the person who means more to him than even Juliette he is a mess.  He has to find a way to keep moving on.

                Now we move onto Ignite Me, a heart-stopping finale.  Omega Point is gone.  Juliette doesn't know if any of her friends are left alive.  She was nearly a goner herself.  But now she has to trust Warner, the one who saved her, and who she never thought she could really trust.  But he promises to help her master her power and save their world, even if he wants more than that. 

Basically everything I loved in the previous books is still things to enjoy in this one.  It keeps building the characters and developing their stories.  Secrets come out and powers are focused.  There is action and political power games/struggle.  It's a full package.

                 My love for Kenji only grew as you see just how important he is to her and their friendship is tested a time or two.  The emotional drama meter is through the roof, there is some serious tension happening in the book.  Mainly between Juliette, Warner, and Adam.  I've talked about the triangle of sorts in the series and this was the final part.  It was never a real triangle.  She and Adam broke up, not because of Warner but because of other issues in the previous book, and she didn't run right to Warner to get with him.  She took time to herself not knowing what her heart was saying.  I love this.  Take some me time to get your head clear and don't rebound.  This, for me at least, makes both relationships seem complete.  We also as a result get to know a lot more about Warner and our suspicions are confirmed on a few things as well, or at least mine were.  I'll talk a little more about that in a bit once I move to spoilers.

                The conclusion of the series met my expectations.  I was expecting some bad ass action scenes using a combination of powers and good old fashioned human means.  You get some good military plotting and strategy and such and the powerful feeling of going against a corrupt government.  The David verses Goliath feeling.  I was not disappointed.  I was on the edge of my seat at some points, those intense scenes that as you get into them everyone and their mother wants to suddenly distract you and you strangle them in your mind so you can finish.  Yep that happened.  Now I just need to talk about things that will involve some spoilers because this was the end and I need to talk about it.  If you haven't finished the series skip ahead to the bottom and share your thoughts on the series thus far.  What do you think of the Juliette/Warner/Adam situation or whatever else is on your mind in the comments below. 

All the covers are so PRETTY!
                For those of you who have finished this series, or those who don't care if some of the major things are spoiled for you (weirdos) let's discuss shall we.  I said I would have to bring up the relationship drama again so here goes.  I've made it clear I was anti-Warner in the first book, I was so upset at the prospect of him being a love interest to her.  However, I did soften overtime and not just to his character as a whole once he was developed more and away from his normally perfect routine/act he plays but also as Juliette grew and changed.  I could see that she was growing and Adam was still in love with the helpless and broken Juliette.  I still loved him but he wasn't right for her as she came more into herself.  Then Adam lashed out proving he wasn’t the guy I fell for in the first book any longer.  He was the perfect guy in book one.  He was just what book one Juliette, nearly broken and terrified of her own shadow, needed.  Not so much for the Juliette she became.  He helped her and she will always love him but they grew apart.  Just like I don’t think her and Warner ever would have worked if she hadn’t loved Adam first.    
                Adam got the short end here, I felt more for him before he went and made her touch Kenji.  His actions are that of a hurt person and I get that, minus trying to hurt Kenji, no one can do that.  Even in the heat of battle he was busting jokes about Bruce Lee.  He helped her become confident in her own beauty and showed her that she can be loved.  Warner grew as a person and he knew he screwed up but he admitted it and apologized for the unnecessary pain and explained the other areas that he didn't apologize for.  I liked that.  He didn't change completely.  He warned her not to try and change him, and their relationship helped them both grow and change yes but in a way that is substantial and done for oneself not for another.  In my opinion that is why it works.  In the end it worked out and I have to wait to admit defeat when my book buddy finally finishes the books (she hasn’t started Unravel Me yet) and her warm spot for Warner and our back and forth before I moved ahead of her.  I’m going to happily eat my words and admit she was right.  You were right Bo.  I did warm to him. 

                The ending.  There was also the battle at the end and the take down of Warner and Adams evil daddy.  Yep that sicko had to go.  I really enjoyed how they pulled everyone to come together.  It was an amazing standoff at the end.  And the way it ends…it left it open for more in the series, in this world if Tahereh Mafi decided to do more.  It was satisfying but also left you able and wanting a bit more. 

Rating: 5 Stars

                That is it.  An entire series knocked out.  I'm still catching up on some amazing books but that just means more reviews for you all.  I'm working on some giveaways and such to make everything more interactive.  So please share your thoughts in the comments below.  Tell me what you thought of the series.  What couple did you ship?  Did you swap sides like me?  What book/series do you think I should start next?  Thanks for reading.  

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