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Maxon- Angelbound series continues moving forward. 4th book or stand alone.

Maxon makes dragon scales and a tail
look sexy!
                The other day I happily announce the release of two books that continue two different series I am in total love with.  I discussed Bruja but today I’d like to discuss the other new release by Ink Monster, Maxon by Christina Bauer.  I received and ARC from the publisher, Ink Monster, and NetGalley for my thoughts.  Mostly just advance copies because they’ve been pre-ordered on my Amazon account since October 2014. 

                So as I mentioned Maxon is the fourth book in the Angelbound series, so there will be some spoilers from the previous books as usual. The review for the previous book, Armageddon, can be found here. It takes place several years after the previous book and can be read as a stand-alone, though I highly recommend reading the whole series because it is amazing and gives you an even deeper appreciation for some of the smaller characters in the book.

                Maxon focuses on our twenty-two year old prince who is still haunted by the past abduction as a child.  He plays it off and keeps his life focused on two main activities hunting/killing demons and seducing women.  He just wants to live his life as it.  Problem is he’s stalling out and the thrills from both are not doing it for him anymore and having part lust and wrath demon in him that’s saying something.  That is until he meets Lianna, who’s beautiful and just his type but she’s also a fighter.  She has her own dark history and she is dealing with some problems of her own with the elementals.  As our Prince Maxon helps Lianna with her problems he starts to wonder if he has found someone real.

Lianna in Thrax form!
From the Maxon blog.
                Okay that is a simplified version for sure.  There is way more happening and never a dull moment.  Something new was the dual POV.  We have chapters from Maxon and Lianna, which really flushed out the characters as well as the story each having different area of expertise.  We also get to learn about a different area.  We know about the Thrax, the quasi-demon, Purgatory and Hell but this time we learn about the elementals.  They are pretty wicked.  What was hinted at as vague knowledge comes full force with Lianna.  The opening of the world’s together. 

                Maxon is a warrior and part wrath demon like his momma and as mentioned Lianna is also a fighter so we are not lacking in the action department.  There are lots of battles and fights that use a combination of magic and straight up warrior skill.  We mostly learn about water and air elementals, but to see them play against one another was completely new and exciting to learn about.  Maxon also has the awesome ability to control lightening…yep bad ass.  Plus he has dragon scales on his arm making it like built in armor and a super nifty tail that is a huge asset in battle.  Basically it adds up to a lot of action and different fighting techniques you can easily visualize. 

                Action is a check but it would be missing so much without some romance.  Oh yes it has that as well, so double check.  Lianna and Maxon have an initial attraction as two attractive people do but as they get to know one another the dynamic changes naturally and blossoms into something so sweet it will make anyone swoon.   Maxon is our semi brooding playboy prince who has some past issues to work through who has never allowed himself to really care for a member of the opposite sex aside from family.  Lianna herself has some romance issues in her past and present to deal with and knows very well of Maxon’s reputation with the ladies.  Watching as they work together and get to know more about one another it just heats up the kindle screen.

Dragon on cover = Awesome!
                Best thing about the book?  It surprised me.  In a good way, clearly.  I normally have things figured out but I admit there were aspects I didn’t see coming at all until right there.  I always love that in a book.  I really enjoyed Maxon as the series continued and is moving along in the time line and progressing the story.  We still see glimpses of some of our favorite characters from the first couple books which makes me want to re-read them all.  Also just like the other series, because Ink Monster is awesome like that, they already have the next book in the series listed and set for October, Portia.  Isn’t the cover beautiful?  Come on it has a dragon on it…just saying easy win.  I can’t wait for more and from the description, which is a spoiler for this one fyi, we have another jump forward.  Never a boring moment in the Angelbound world.

Rating: 5 Lighting Bolts

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