Thursday, April 14, 2016

Blood of Hydra (Elementals #2)

                Hello happy readers. Some pretty awesome reading is being done and I’m trying to maximize my reading time.  Today I’m reviewing Blood of Hydra (Elementals #2) by Michelle Madow.  I reviewed the first book, The Prophecy of Shadows, in this series earlier in the year here.  So being a sequel there will be some spoilers for the first book.  This is a fast turnaround for a new series.  This book was provided by NetGalley and the publisher and is available next week on April 18th. 

Rating:  4 Stars

                Blood of Hydra picks up where we left off with our group of chosen witches and a demigod who have been gifted these elemental powers and a job to stop the Titans from escaping.  Gifted these powers they are set on training and trying to be ready for the next monster or threat they face after having such a close call with the harpy.  The harpy Nicole killed by using black magic which is against the law.  No one knows what she did and as much as she wants to trust everyone this is too big.  As monsters arise they must journey to Greece to locate the ingredients needed to help in their tasks.  The harder of the ingredients is the blood of a slain hydra.  Not an easy task. 

                So this one is much like the first as it was fast paced and a quick read, finishing it in one day.  We have our Greek mythology playing a big part as in the first part.  The cast grew more dynamic as we got to learn more about our core group, one of which showed much more depth than the previous book.  The interaction between Nicole and Blake still had the undeniable tension and while he is no longer with Danielle, Nicole still wants to deny what they could have to keep their group focused on their goal.  I could commend her on that decision.  Wanting to upset the group dynamic when their task is so important despite your personal desires.  Nicole is also struggling with her newfound power, the one she is afraid and ashamed to tell anyone about, and watching her struggle as the book went on helped her develop for me.  Blake understands her point but he is also determined to try and make her see they could be good together.  Got to love a man with determination.  Also side note surprise God visit was really fun though I won’t say who.

                The action scenes were well written and lots of fun.  Even at times when the tension was extremely high but there wasn’t action per say in that specific part it was amped up.  The start of the first task for instance, intense but kind of calm before all hell breaks loose!  The book also infuses plenty of laughs in at the right moments that flow naturally.  Though it doesn’t shy away from some darker choices and tasks, epic quests to save the world generally aren’t easy and without risk after all.  Neither are their tasks, all of which were well thought out and interesting from the act of completing them to simply managing plans when no matter what nothing ever goes according to plans.  The scenery described throughout the journey in Greece only makes me want to visit so much more.  Okay maybe not some of the spots but still, Greece seems so beautiful.

                I enjoyed this sequel and am again looking forward to know what our group is left to face next.  Looks like it won’t be too much of a wait so cheers to that.  Blood of Hydra was a fun continuation to the Elementals series.  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

                Until next time…

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