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Shadow Falls Books 1-5 Series Review

                Hello happy readers.  I hope you are all doing well, I'm not feeling so hot myself think I have a bit of a sinus infection (yuck) and plan to spend most of today and tomorrow sleeping to try and head it off.  That said I won't be posting tomorrow given I hope to be sleeping all day.  But today I wanted to take a moment an do a series review.  As you may know one of my goals this year is to finish off some of the series I have or have started but haven't finished.  Now while the whole series is out some I will review individually but others I may do one big series wrap up.  This is a bit of a longer series of five books and I thought a brief review of each book and a overall series thought would work best. Today that series is the Shadow Falls series by C.C. Hunter.

Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls #1) Rating:  4 Stars
                Good solid start to the series.  The first book drew you into the world and gave lots of back story and understanding of the different supernaturals without making it sound like an info dump.  It flowed naturally and Kylie is really likeable.  She is going through some major changes in her normal life and then to find out on top of breaking up with her boyfriend, her best friend pulling away, and her parents divorce, surprise you're also an unknown supernatural!  I didn't really ship either Derek or Lucas in this book, they both were not on good terms but of the two I liked Lucas more and yeah maybe Socks has something to do with that ;) but  finding Derek a bit creepy from the start factored in too.  But where there is some boy drama for sure what really shined for me was the cabin mates.  Della and Miranda are the best.  So much fun!  And Holiday was pretty amazing. 

Awake at Dawn (Shadow Falls #2)  Rating: 4.5 Stars
                Picking up where we left off.  Still don't know what Kylie is but I had it figured out here just saying.  It's all good though and the story itself is fun and keeps you moving right along.  Still the great things I loved in the first one Socks, Della, and Miranda and their fights and banter is on point.  Holiday is still a favorite and I grew to really like Burnett in this one and the dynamic between the two of them as well.  We went to the falls and find out more about the  lesser known and outcast type ability to see ghosts.  The ghosts are still vague and such but it's kind of like a mystery each time, a horrible and terrifying one but still interesting.  I like how it continues to have everyone dealing with their own things.  Perry was cute in the first book but he kind of grew on me a bit more in this one.  I really grew to dislike Derek in this one around the time I was growing to like Lucas more and he seems more accepting of her wishes at least in respect for boundaries which Derek claimed book one but never managed.  Also I like how one of the bad guys from the first one blends into this one and a larger plot.

Taken at Dusk (Shadow Falls #3)  Rating:  4.5 Stars
                So Derek was my least favorite character in this one I think.  I even enjoyed Frederka a bit more in this one than him and that's saying something.  Though while I was solidly on team Lucas I didn't like that he kept things from her, the packs disapproval and such but it kind of fits his protective instinct to keep her from the harm.  Plus he owns up to his issues and even admits it's part of his wolf nature and one thing I love about Kylie is that she always sees peoples sides of things and never holds something against them they can't control (their powers).  If I didn't already really love Burnett before…Miranda and a certain book dropping scene…yeah great stuff.  Both for the Burnett moment and for the moment I'd been waiting for since the previous book!  I liked that we find out more about the FRU and about Burnett and how he is a good guy.  Plus he is more chill about her ghosts and need to help than so many others (aside from Holiday who doesn't count since she sees them too) Burnett and Holiday have some of the most amusing lines ever and I love how Kylie is in the middle of it trying to help play matchmaker.  Plus learning more about her family, her blood family and what it means.  Also that was a horrible ending!

Whispers at Moonrise (Shadow Falls #4)  Rating: 4.5 Stars
                I start out freaking out worried about Holiday because she is one of my favorite characters.  A ghost that might be here is scary!  Okay this series made so many favorite characters it's insane.  I just kind of really grew to know all of them so well and being able to marathon the series made my feels stronger.  Having learned what the FRU of the past did I am so against them in this one you have no idea.  But I love Burnett's reaction to them, steadily showing which side he is on and still persisting to try and get through to Holiday despite all her protests.  Though some moments are pure perfection.  Della grew on me more if that was possible, she is always there and ready to help.  She doesn't like the ghosts but if it comes down to it she's there.  I did like how Derek seemed to be moving into more of the real friend type role, there to talk and listen but being pretty good about his distance (finally) but his constant declarations are not cool.  Though the end of this had me torn up.  I was so emotional.  So many things happening and so many feels!  Also finally understand Holiday's vampire issues I've been wondering on for the last few books.  Plus this ending while one aspect had me shaking with rage another had me grinning like an idiot so my emotions were a bit confused there which was great.  Even better that I didn't have to wait.

Chosen at Nightfall (Shadow Falls #5)  Rating:  5 Stars
                A great conclusion.  So many things wrapping up but first and foremost I need to know what happened because she left Shadow Falls to live with others like her.  While I understood needing to go learn about herself and all I hated that she left her friends and the place she knew as home.  Plus getting distance from Lucas…oh did I want to throttle him for how the last one ended.  Not cool.  I was firmly on Team Kylie and no boys at this point.  Getting to know more about who she is and finding herself more both in terms of as a supernatural and as a person was great.  There was so much happening and all the underlying threats and threads that weaved throughout the books so far came to a head and some things I expected others I didn't so that was great.  I really enjoyed Kylies journey and how she came into her own.  And became the apparent relationship advise go to person which was hilarious. 

Shadow Falls overall *spoilers* for the series as a whole!!!

                You've been warned.  Okay so I was super thrilled about the wedding!  I had been shipping them since the second book so to have them finally go for it after all that build up and wow the pregnancy test….I couldn't see for a bit I was cry laughing too much.  Holiday was one of my favorites from the start and her and Burnett were so much fun but even with all the romances both them and others my favorite aspect of this was still the friendship between Kylie, Miranda, and Della.  They were just meant to be friends even through the threats and the moments of misunderstanding.  They always had one another's backs.  Girl power at it's best.  I also was on Team Lucas most of the series but I was seriously questioning if I could finish the series if they got back together after what he did but the way it was all written out was so perfect for me.  He didn't get off easy and he had to really prove himself after that.  Also she had to make it more than about her, and I respect that.  I'm happy with everything overall and her mom knowing the truth makes things so much easier.  I did want more of Della and Steve but she is apparently the subject of the spin-off series so I look forward to more of the crew in that one and hopefully finding out more of the secrets that she has been holding onto this whole time and maybe even letting herself open up. 

                That's all I have to share on the series as a whole.  I'd love to know your thoughts on this series and if you've already read the spin-off what did you think?  I'm dying to get to it.  Also the wrap up of the whole series was kind of fun and I'm planning to finally read Percy Jackson this year and was thinking of doing them the same way.  Let me know what you prefer to see.  Have a great weekend.

                Until next time…

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