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Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)

                Hello happy readers!  So this week set me back a bit from schedule but storms in my area last weekend were intense and internet/damage issues needed to be handled.  I've been so behind in this series but I’m catching up!  That's right Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4) by Sarah J. Maas.  Spoilers for the first few books for sure!  I've reviewed the previous books:  Throne ofGlass, Crown of Midnight, and Heir of Fire.

Rating: 5 Stars

                So first I have to say I have not yet started the newest book that came out last year.  I wanted to get this review out of my head before I put more in.  I loved this book.  I'm shocked it took me so long to read it when I had been craving it and planning to marathon read it on release day.  Long story it got mixed up in the mail and after having to wait I tried pacing myself which didn't work at all either and eventually just had to go through it quickly just a bit late.  Plus after the first five chapters didn't fix what ripped my heart out in Heir of Fire I wasn't emotionally ready for it.  Seriously poor Dorian.

                My thoughts on this book are split between reading and listening.  I read almost the first third of the book then switched to the audiobook format.  I think I enjoyed the audiobook a bit more.  One I learned how wrong I was about pronunciation and that helped me keep track of characters better; I mean there are a lot of unpronounceable “A” names that I would jumble at times.  And second the book is massive and no easy feat to hold while reading which acted as an arm work out but also had me worried I’d rip the pages keeping my grip.

                Celaena Sardothien is the girl we knew.  The assassin who had clawed her way out of the mines and into who she was meant to be, not Celaena but Aelin.  A Queen.  She has been through so much in her life but now she has to embrace the life she has run from, Aelin Galathynius Queen of Terrasen.  I admit even when she was called Aelin through the last book and first bit of this I still kept autocorrecting in my head to Celaena.  She was Celaena to me still but as the book continues I realized she isn’t.  She has truly become someone else.  Like a new character reworked from what she was and the new name fit.  Aelin and Celaena are similar and still vastly different which sounds crazy but I think most who read will understand what I mean.

The awesome back!  Love these!
                Aelin is on a mission to free magic and stop the evil brutal king who killed her parents and enslaved so many, including her dear friend. Dorian.  We see things through so many POVs it’s intense.  Seeing things from Dorian, how he was still in there somewhat was so hard.  I think those were the hardest chapters to read/listen to.  So much was happening in Adarlan both inside the castle and without and seeing the inside, the evil, was interesting.  We also get a deeper understanding of the Valg and their possession of people. 

                We also got to see more of Manon and the Thirteen and all that is going on under the mountain.  I know I took a bit to get into them last book I enjoyed their pieces in this much more, they felt much more important with so much depth.  Her connection with her wyvern Abraxos is still my favorite part but as she grew closer in her own way to Elide I liked that. 

                There are so many amazing and intricate story points in this book it’s intense.  Aelin is trying to free her cousin, Aedion, and release magic to take down the king.  She still has unresolved issues with her former trainer, Arobynn and that’s just to start.  See what I mean about “A” names?  Anywho we also got to see more Rowan which I loved because I adored getting to know him in the previous book and there was just so much more to him.  Lysandra and Kaltain continue to play a part and we see new sides to them as opinions can shift I mean I kid you not so so much is happening.  Now I had to go back I almost didn’t remember who Kaltain was (plus audiobook I was hearing it and not like I imagined go figure) and Lysandra with their past with Arobynn. 

                This book was simply amazing.  So much love.  So much.  Speaking of love.  Okay so I previously have been completely Celaena & Chaol.  So that is still the case, I do love Celaena with Chaol but the truth is she isn't Celaena anymore.  As mentioned above she's changed into whom she was meant to be, Queen Aelin.  So while I'm totally on board with the ship that seems to be sailing in this book and do root for it I also feel like Aelin could be with anyone or no one and I'd love it.  Though romance is pretty awesome!  The sexy time and tension is legit!  I also saw some kindling of other possible connections which I hope to flush out more in the next book!  But yeah Rowan….yep I'm on board with that. 

                 So my final thoughts were that it was amazing.  I was so caught up in the whole book but the last third of it was just completely mind blowing.  Some meet up's we've been waiting for since last book, some dues paid, and everything coming to a beautiful and chaos filled end.  Epic!  I had planned to stop at the end of one chapter thinking it would be right before this tipping point but then the last minute of the chapter dove right in and I didn't sleep that night finishing it up!  So happy though because WOW. Highly recommend.  Now that this is finished I'm ready to start Empire of Storms soon!  I want to be caught up and know if any of my half-baked theories will play out.  What did you think of this book?  I'd rank it as my favorite thus far. 

                Until next time…

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