Monday, April 24, 2017

Blacksouls (Blackhearts #2)

                Hello happy readers!  So this Saturday my latest giveaway closed and before I start todays review I’d like to congratulate, Maria V, for winning!  I’m super excited and will be heading to the post office later today I hope you enjoy the book!  Now still exciting my review for today, Blacksouls (Blackhearts #2) by Nicole Castroman.  I loved and reviewed Blachhearts here when it came out and I have been eagerly awaiting more since finishing it so when I got an early copy at ApollyCon I was so excited!  Due to an untimely sinus infection I didn’t get to go to the launch party (I seriously cried a little at missing it) but I’m still thrilled to share my thoughts on a fabulous sequel.

Rating:  5 Stars

                So if you know from my review of Blackhearts I went in thinking it was a stand-alone but then as it ended KNEW I couldn’t handle that I needed more.  So when I then went to the end and found out there was more to the story I was thrilled and have been waiting ever since for Blacksouls.  I am so beyond happy this story was more than a stand-alone because there is so much story left to work with.  We left Teach and Anne separated.  Anne was put on a ship to Nassau, not even the ship she was supposed to be sent on, and she knows things are not sunshine and rainbows.  Teach, knows Anne was sent away and is on his way to go after her, even bribing his way onto his father’s own ship as first mate willing to do anything to find his Anne.  Things are never easy for these two and finding one another might be the easiest part of the journey. 
                First I have to say I love that we are at sea.  This is a story of how Teach became Blackbeard and while we were landlocked in the previous story the majority of this one takes place on the sea.  There are so many things that start to fall into place and you know they are not going to be easy to overcome but as a reader you are so invested in the characters you can’t help but think of ways for it to work out.  I was glued to the pages and finding out what would happen next.  I seriously think I read the first part without stopping to even have a sip of my water. 
                 Teach is such an amazing character.  He's got a different past than his crew but he is still one of them and never treats anyone as below him and given how he was raised and the time this is a wonderful trait.  He's also dedicated fully to Anne and his mission to find her and have a life with her.  The way he loves her so completely is beautiful and makes your heart flutter.  He also has a strong connection to his men and making sure they are all safe because he's a stand up guy, even as he starts to act like a pirate.  Anne is amazing and strong in this story.  It's great to see her as she breaks free of the life that she had and start working for one she wants and even more learning to take care of and defend herself.  She knows what she wants and she isn't shy about it as much as before because she knows how dangerous the world is and how close she came to losing it. 

                The story is a journey between our two loves but it's also full of pirating goodness with corrupt officials and a dangerous pirate.  New friends and enemies in different shapes and sizes and lots of juicy story points that just make you fly through the book.  I highly recommend this series.  Blacksouls left off in a way that it is clear there is more story to be had and I for one can't wait to read what Teach and Anne do next! 

                Until next time…

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