Monday, April 3, 2017

Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5)

                Hello happy readers!  So I spent the weekend helping out my family but I was with very very slow internet so I wasn’t able to really get on and respond to any Stacking the Shelves posts until today because well…I gave up.  Seriously it was a nice weekend but it made me miss and appreciate my internet speed so much more.  Anywho that said I was excited to get back so I could post my thoughts and feels on Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) by the lovely Sarah J. Maas.  I reviewed the previous books here, Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir ofFire, and Queen of Shadows.
Rating: 5 Stars

                So first let me say it took me a while to catch up with the last two books and not because they are in fact massive but because I was nervous about reading on which I mentioned in my Queen of Shadows review.  Then after that I was finally able to see other reviews and thoughts on it but still avoided spoilers for Empire of Storms like the plague.  Still from what I gathered about the series so many people who love the series and whose opinion usually melds with mine pretty well thought it was the least favorite of the series and a little bit of a let-down.  Also had some people mention it was focused too much on the sexy scenes than the rest of the story.  I find all of this was in no way true for me.

As always I love flip of the back!
                I loved this book.  I continued where I left off with Queen of Shadows listening to the audiobook because it was amazing and I listened to it mostly on my way to and from ApollyCon and then the Crown of Wishes launch event so I did most of it in large chunks.  I loved it.  The story has gotten so much larger than we first thought when starting Throne of Glass.  We have so many different characters and story lines that all have become so deeply important and vital not just to the reader wanting to know more but to the larger overall story.  I wasn’t the biggest fan when we first started learning about Manon and even Rowan because I wanted my original core group but then as the story unfolded I started to enjoy their stories and can’t imagine the story without them now.  We also don’t see any Chaol just mention of where he went at the end of the previous book.  This makes since as we will see more of him with his own book of stories this year!

                Aelin is of course our star and I love how she has progressed through the series.  She has really come into herself.  While she does make some mistakes still, she is young after all, she keeps going and keeps fighting, learning with every step.  Rowan really took me by storm.  I went from liking him as a character but not a romantic interest to thinking seriously about him in that way to….OMG I LOVE him!  Seriously Rowan and Aelin are so on point.  Seriously their connection and back and forth alone was priceless but wow true equals and I love it.  They just have this way of understanding one another.  Dorian is still recovering from what he’d been through, not something that will ever fully leave him but he is fighting to push forward.  He has some really great moments, some great quotes that I wish I had been able to write down in the moment because they gave me goosebumps.  Manon really came around for me in the last book first with her affection for Abraxos and then her Thirteen.  When she took in little Elide and helping her and helping save Dorian in the previous book she was one of my favorites.  Elide was a different break as well, she is so much different than the other characters we know.  She is determined and strong of heart but she has no training in combat or strategy and is actually permanently injured.  Still she is determined to find her Queen and do whatever she can to help her and that is something that is refreshing.  I also loved getting to know more about Rowan’s old Cadre Gavriel, Fenrys, and Lorcan.  We have seen them before, Lorcan for sure as he was none too happy with our Aelin or Rowan.  Seeing a different side of him was nice and getting to know more about the others now that we know who Gavriel really is.  All the feels for all the characters.

                 So anyways we have so many stories and things happening.  Things are never easy for our people that is for sure.  Aelin is en route to her home with her new court, a different court to change the world.  Still while she may be Queen by name and birth she has been away and thought dead for some time.  Politics isn’t the best game to play with the war on the cusp of tearing the world apart.  Many doubt her as a ruler given her time as Celaena Sardothien the assassin and her choice of court.  She’s different and not a normal type of queen and that is why we love her.  She has been through so much and yet no matter the odds she keeps fighting for the people she loves and the whole world.  She has one Wyrdkey and has two more to recover and find some way to destroy them, not an easy task when you are also fighting Erawan and his evil hoards of Vlag creatures and Queen Maeve of the Fae. 

                We really get to see so much more of the world in this one.  We even get to re-visit people and places from her past including those from the novellas.  This I enjoyed it was a way to bring in all the different stories and tie in everything.  Showing that everything had a purpose.  I was on the edge of my seat through most of the book and had it not been for cruise control probably would have had a lead foot.  There are constant twists and turns but we also learn even more about the past and things that have been vague and only slightly on the edge of our senses are explained.
                 There was always something happening to keep you guessing.  Action and death everywhere and no one is safe.  That’s the hardest part is loving so many of these characters and knowing they could all die.  Romances bloom or develop which had me even more excited because some have been brewing for a while and others were new and interesting and things. I could sit here and discuss every detail of every part of the book for hours and still have so many more questions and theories.  I want things to work out for everyone but with the information we have and the seriousness of the story I don’t think everyone will make it out alive.  Given how we left things off…fyi heads up HUGE cliffhanger that will leave you completely lost and reeling…I’m nervous and excited for more but 2018 is SO FAR!

                I love this book and this series as a whole and highly recommend everyone get caught up before the last book comes out next year.  This gives you plenty of time to devour them though! 


  1. I loved this one too! The series has seriously progressed from that first book and it has taken a LOTR feel and I loved that! I cannot not wait for the last book in this series. I will be reading her other series this year - haven't started that one yet.
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  2. I hope you love ACOTAR series. I adore it and bright side the last book in the original series arch will be finished this year so you can marathon those without waiting so score!