Friday, April 28, 2017

Quanta Rewind (The Shadow Ravens #4)

                Hey happy readers!  So I have been having a bit of formatting issues with Blogger this week but I'm hoping I've resolved it all because OMG the stress it caused.  Anywho today the important thing I want to discuss is the latest installment in the Shadow Raven series, Quanta Rewind (The Shadow Ravens #4) by Lola Dodge that came out this Tuesday.    I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I have since received my pre-ordered copy as well!

Rating:  5 Stars

                We left off with our rebels having to disband camp and separate putting a damper on their goals to fight Doctor Nagi and the whole Helix system.  They are back on defensive as more Reds end up dead or go missing.  Cipher, Devan, and Quanta are making the most of their hiding out trying to train to use their abilities as a team.  It's not easy.  Even with her ability to see into the future or rewind time things are as dangerous as ever.  Even working as a team with all the power between them Seligo have established power and masses on their side.  The must work to save their friends and put an end to Doctor Nagi once and for all or never find a moment of peace.

                You probably know if you've read my other reviews for this series I adore these couples and I ship them hard.  Quanta and Tair are adorable and I love seeing Cipher and Knight through the eyes of my other favorites because I get a win / win in seeing them both!   Quanta continues to astound me with her strength.  If you think about her powers she seems all powerful but this series does a great job of showing not just the benefits but well thought out flaws/troubles with the power.  More importantly is shows her mental strength to be able to push past all the negative images she sees and look for the good.  Tair is more physically powerful but he's also all about using his brain to solve problems and is one of the things that connects them.  In the last book we lost the mental connection between the two, so no more internal conversations which just like for the characters it took a moment to adjust too.  I found myself thinking just tell him/her in your mind…and then Quanta/Tair would think how she missed being able to do just that.  I was there with them. 

                They were kind of made for one another sure but their connection has always felt so well thought out and natural.  Plus even if it hasn't been that long they have probably rewound time enough to give them several months of extra time together just saying.  They get one another and I love when characters have that.  The ability to look at the other and know something is off or know what they are thinking and lets be honest in a story when you are constantly in a fight for your life that's a huge quality.  But more so than just my couples, and I even feel like we might have the beginning of another couple in the future happening, just an inkling I had while reading, we have the team.  All of these different personalities working together and trying to adapt to one another.  Two guys are all about their ladies and then you have Dex who's just there to say the most colorful things. 

                There is lots of action happening as well I mean they are fighting a war.  I really enjoy how the story is written in the way of the rewinds.  We don't see every aspect the same with a slight variation it's more we see some trips and others we just hear about which helps keep the pacing up but also really focuses more on Quanta and Tair and their reactions to the rewind.  They have to readjust plans based on what happened (aka what went wrong) but that usually comes with the pain of the rewind and seeing someone (if not all) you care for die.  Emotionally draining.  Even though you know the ability to rewind is there every time something happened to one of my crew I got super nervous because who knows what could happen. 

                In Quanta Rewind we also dive a bit more into the world as a whole.  We've been inside the Citadel, the Voids, and with the Ravens.  We see there is more to the world.  I'm excited to see what the next book will focus on as there are so many items that could take the lead and make an interesting story.  I highly recommend this series as always they are super fast and fly right by in one sitting! 

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  1. I haven't started this series yet but I've been hearing such great things. <3

    1. If you pick it up they fly by and are pretty awesome!!!