Friday, January 12, 2018

The Lost & Found

                Hello Happy Readers!  A bit of a unique story I’m discussing my thoughts and feels on today, The Lost and Found by Katrina Leno.  I received a copy for an honest review and my original post can be found on No BS Reviews

Rating:  4.5 Stars

                This book is super cute.  Two people who meet online and bond over shared trauma in their lives as well as the inexplicable aspect of losing things.  Living on opposite sides of the country both receiving news that will put them both in the same place, a midway point between them and a chance to finally meet face to face after all this time. 

                First as someone who loves the internet and has made tons of amazing friends online over the years I adore this.  I have met some of my friends from online overtime and I would love to meet everyone if only travel were cheaper lol.  That and the whole pen pal idea caught my eye and hooked me.

                Frannie has had an interesting life to say the least.  Her trauma is….wow.  I can understand needing a support group for that and what she continues to deal with.  She is a pretty strong character in that respect because even when things are overwhelming while she may have moments of weakness she still manages to keep her head up and keep moving forward.  Plus her relationship with Arrow was precious.  Arrow also reminded me a bit of me and a couple of my friends, only with the OCD germs/cleaning aspect.  For sure not the running aspect.   

                Louis didn't suffer a horrible thing himself, he was there to witness it and live with the aftermath as his twin suffered and rebuilt.  Traumatizing for sure in a different way.  Still finding help and support online.  I loved how close he and Willa are.  I also got a pretty strong picture of her though him and I loved her struggles throughout as well, it all seemed very down to earth and relatable.  Never being separated from his twin and considering the possibility of living so far away is scary under normal circumstances.  Leaving home always is. 

                The Lost and Found is a contemporary story through and through with just a touch of magical realism.  Things magically going missing without rhyme or reason and then inconceivably being found in the most insane of places.  It's crazy and really interesting.  I loved the idea of it and where it could go but also how it and the results of it lead to some amazing depth in our Frannie and Louis.  When things randomly go missing from you it's hard not to at some point take it personally.  How some things are never really lost or finding thing you thought lost makes them all the more precious.

                This story really handles a lot of different issues very well.  It covers everything from fun and happy to dark and depressing.  Trauma, mental illness, diversity, and family dynamics are portrayed realistically around an overall rather fun idea of a road trip.  I still want to at this point to take a long road trip with a friend and just kind of make things up as we go along and I got to live vicariously though Frannie and Arrow for some of those aspects. 

                I really enjoyed this one and think it will appeal to anyone who enjoys contemporary at all as there is something for all.  I'd love to know what you think in the comments below.  

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