Monday, January 1, 2018

The Rebels of Gold (Loom Saga #3)

                Hello happy readers and Happy New Year!!!  I can’t believe  2017 is over.  December came and went so fast I am still trying to figure out everything I forgot to get to.  One thing I did do was finish a new release and series ender on my way to the signing event for said book so I call that a huge win.  I made a day trip down to the Tampa area to meet Elise Kova for her latest book, The Rebels of Gold (Loom Saga #3), the third and final book in the series.  I previously reviewed the first two books if you need a refresher: The Alchemists ofLoom and The Dragons of Nova.

Rating:  5 Stars

                A new rebellion is rising on Loom.  They no longer will stand for the dragons oppression and seek their freedom from tyranny.  While on Nova, many dragons are also fighting their own battle against the current political situation.  With both fighting the same enemy, teaming up is the best solution to get everyone what they want.  New leaders rise as the final battle is on.

                I have loved this series since the first audiobook.  I fell into this unique world filled to the brim with magic, interesting characters, and action.  Yveun Dono is straight up vicious and a tyrant who wants to rule and be loved.  He wants the little fenthri under his boot where he feels they belong, feeling he saved them from themselves.  He is not only ruthless to the fenthri but to the dragons that are out of favor as well.  He is not a good leader by any means and as we learned sometimes it’s the woman behind the man that is calling the shots and not just his rider leader Leona.  Arianna was last seen falling hard from Nova and her run in with him, worse yet an old customer of hers finds her and knows instantly what and who she is and he is always one to spot a deal to be made.  Meanwhile Cvareh is still on Nova unaware that his sister, and leader of their house was murdered.  And Florence may be young but she is fighting with everything in her to rebuild a better Loom.  I love how Florence has really come into her own and become stronger with each book.

                This story is full of so many different aspects.  The rebellion first and foremost yes but this is a multi-stage process.  Getting everyone working together and fighting for the same purpose is a battle in its own right and this goes for both Fenthri and Dragon.  Then there is the matter of the perfect chimera and what that would mean for Loom and Nova.  Many things will change in the world both good and bad.  Alliances are built and broken just as relationships between worlds and characters.  I loved how as everything moved forward at a fast pace it also left us room to develop the characters and really lead them into the ending.  This world is so full of information and wonder it is hard to leave.  The guilds, the houses of Nova, and the magic systems.  Serious work has went into this and it shows as everything comes across as so vivid.

                I really loved the different POVs and how they gave different perspectives and attitudes to things.  Ari is more methodical and rational where as Cvareh may lead with his heart a bit more than her. Flor sees everything with different eyes and has a different take on things with great hope.  I also really loved how in each book you got to see a piece from House Rok and each time it moves a bit and you think you know who the real evil is there but each time you learn there is always more to be learned.  That was really interesting to me how that continued to play out.  I was so excited as everything started to come to a head and I had so many different thoughts about how it might play out and hoping for a happy ending, or at least as happy an ending as one can get with all out war.  In the end the story really did leave me with this feeling of contentment.  Yes I want more, I’m greedy like that.  But I also totally get the ending and it seems like the fit that was meant for the story from the start.  It isn’t perfect but it’s perfect for the characters we have and the story that has been told.  I loved it and highly recommend this series!

                Until next time…

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