Sunday, October 9, 2011

Real Steel, What's Your Number, & Killer Elite

Okay so I spent yesterday at the movies.  You will learn I do movie days and see more than one movie in a time but to be fair the closest theatre is 35 miles away so I’m being green/economical about gas and time.  Yesterday I, along with my younger brother, saw Real Steel, What’s Your Number, and Killer Elite.  I will try and give a simple review of the movies and do my best to not give away any spoilers.

Real Steel

I give the movie 5 stars in my book.  No it won’t win any Emmys but I enjoyed it immensely.  I was excited by the trailer and not let down at all.  Do you know what is going to happen?  Is it semi predictable to anyone who has half a brain?  Yes but it was still a great watch.  The action between the bots was pretty cool and realistic, I’m comparing it to what I’ve seen of real boxing mind you, and even the way it was portrayed so you find a human connection with a robot, Atom.  Then there is the character of Charlie (Hugh Jackman) who develops as does in connection his relationships with other characters in the story good and bad.  The boy Max (Dakota Goyo) held his own and he could make you laugh or tug at the heart strings.  Overall the story was uplifting, easy to follow and enjoyable.  I was engaged throughout.

Overall I went in expecting a descent movie with some action and some eyes candy (let’s face it Hugh is a hottie) and came out more impressed than I thought.  I highly recommend this to anyone.  Oh and yes for any parents the parents and such…there is some language and I bet you never would have guessed violence.  Wasn’t anything horrible, the actor who plays Max is 12 so I’d let kids that age and up see it.

Rating: 5 Stars

What’s Your Number?

I give it 4.5 stars.  It was hilarious, predictable but still surprising.  Let me explain, the basic concept of the movie is this girl Ally (Anna Faris) reads an article that says most women only have 10 lovers in their life, she’s had more than that and is worried.  She learns she has slept with more than her friends and is worried that if she gets too many more she’ll be alone forever.  She then decides to track down her ex’s thinking that maybe they got better with time (after a run in with one of them by accident).  For this she needs the help of her apartment neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) who is good at digging up dirt on people and is in need of assistance himself, he’s well…a man whore.  He likes one nights stands but he doesn’t like the awkward lies of “I’ll call you” so they help one another out.  This is predictable Rom-Com but Anna Faris and Chris Evans are hilarious and play off each other well.  Also the flash backs to the past relationships are beyond funny and make you wonder how many people this really happened to. 

So I can’t say much more without spoilers but yes overall I loved it.  It was a good laugh and I look forward to it being on DVD and adding it to my collection so I can watch it anytime I need a laugh.  Now as for rating…it’s rated R for a reason.  It’s very adult with language, sexual situations (go figure), and so on but it is funny.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Killer Elite

I give this one 2 stars.  Yes this is hard for me to do.  I was excited to see this movie, I love me some Robert De Niro and Jason Statham.  First De Niro is just too cool for school and Statham is a pretty piece but he does some good action.  I also like some Clive Owen movies (some good some not so he’s not a deciding factor for me).  But I figured an action movie with all three would be golden.  I was mistaken.  De Niro was good for the parts he was in but they were limited and the action scenes were the redeeming quality about the film.  The story line was a bit vague, it got fuzzy on some parts and you’re not sure what’s going on all the time.  Also not going to lie Dominic Purcell is in it as well and had this horrible mustache that made me giggle every time I saw him with it (this was probably just me but it didn’t help me take this movie seriously).

I don’t have too much to say other than it was okay.  I wouldn’t recommend you pay full price to see it, maybe wait for it to come out on TV and watch or the dollar theatre (if your area has one).  It was too long and parts dragged out with unclear motives or character development.  The fight scenes were nifity as was De Niro but not enough in my opinion to save the film.  Now rating wise it’s rated R for violence, language and sex/nudity, they’re trained assassins so visit accordingly. 

Rating: 2 Stars

Okays so this is my first movie reviews on here and I hope you all enjoyed.  Again I tried very hard to give my opinion on the movies without giving too much away.   Please enjoy and comment so I know what you like/dislike. 


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  1. Well, looks like I didn't have to wait long for the movie reviews I asked for, lol! Great job, again lots of fairness was given to the movies. You gave your honest opinion and rated it in terms of entertainment as well as depth. What I like is that you focus more on entertainment value, which is what a review really needs to do, IMO. Again, nice review!