Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ten Random Facts

Ten Random Facts

Thank you to Laurie Dennison for tagging me in this.  Here are the ten random facts about me…

1. I make amazing cookies…a friend recently said they are addictive and should have a warning label hehe.

2. I can’t stand double standards.  No one really likes them but they get under my skin so badly I get a bit nuts about it.  I mean…why?

3. I once clothes-lined myself in the kitchen with a broom.  Yes…I did it believe me even I’m astounded I managed that.

4. I have an issue with toes/feet.  I’m so anti people messing with or touching feet, especially my feet.  My parents new dog liked to lick toes…I flipped out at first but seem to have broken him of the habit.

5. I am deathly afraid of chickens.  Yes I freak out when I see chickens roaming around freely.  Weird and my ration part of my brain tells me they are stupid chickens but I that doesn’t matter. 

6. I resent the fact that whenever I go to the doctor in my small town I am asked 3-5 times if I’m sure I’m not pregnant or doing drugs.  I’m sorry I’m a 23 year old who’s never done drugs (aside from caffeine and sugar) and haven’t had at least 1 kid.

7. I’m an optimist who expects the worst.  A contradiction I know.  What I mean is that I’m a realist and I try to keep my expectations very low, so as to not get hurt.  Still when it comes to something even if I’ve had the same result many times I’m still disappointed I didn’t get a different response even when I didn’t expect one to begin with. 

8. I never learned to braid my hair.  Strange I know most females are taught early on but it was never a skill I was taught, never thought anything about it until I wanted my hair braided and everyone was astounded that I didn’t know how.

9. My favorite movie is still Beauty & the Beast (Disney of course).  I love those old Disney movies and can still sing along to them.

10. I’m pretty sure my cat, Keira, is either crazy smart or completely insane.  Maybe that’s why she’s mine.

Well hope you’ve enjoyed these random facts.  Well off to bed now!


  1. Okay, so totally loved your entry! And for anyone reading, I'm the friend that said that the cookies should come with warning labels! Take my word for it, they are awesomeness! :) So, I pretty much knew all of this about you, but it's still so funny how you described everything.

    Oh and we're going to have to have another day of playing the Wii and rocking out to Beauty and the Beast music because that's always been my fav movie too!

    And before I go, I just have to say that I did think of something about you- it can be #11. You have successfully mastered the art of falling in slow motion. And with that, I'm going to say goodnight!

  2. Yes you know these and more and you're still crazy enough to hang out with me. Another Disney music and Wii night sounds good.

    Oh wow yeah the falling in slow motion. I guess I could do another list 10+ ways i've injured myself in strange and/or stupid ways hehe.

  3. I think I'll have to try these addictive cookies! And I agree with you on #7- it's harder to be disappointed if you never expected anything in the first place.

  4. Hehe I think you'd like them. I'll have to make them some time.