Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review of The Maze Runner Trilogy

Review of The Maze Runner Trilogy

                Another book trilogy to review; I just finished the last book in the set today.  The books are The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner ( &  I loved these books they are different than anything else I have read lately.  The story is about a unknown world in which you show up in a elevator shaft and have no memories accept your name. 
                Dashner created a whole new world with it’s own vocabulary/language which I found amusing and creative.  I even confess to using a few of the words now and again in real life conversations.  I usually get strange looks when I do so before I tell those shanks about this trilogy and that they have to read it.  The world of the Maze is all The Gladers know and they are bound to survive and figure out its mysteries.  There is danger of course.  If you don’t make it back inside the walls before the gates close you’re left outside the walls in the maze with the horrible creatures called Grievers. 

                So I can’t give too much away but The Maze Runner is the first book in a set of three that work to tell a very interesting tale.  Throughout all books you have this wonderfully written world that is horrifying but yet still the characters can bring laughter to the reader in moments of levity.  The confusion the characters, who might I add have some very memorable names, feel throughout the series is great.  There is always something happening and starting in Book 2 The Scorch Trials, and through the final book  The Death Cure there is a constant battle between right/wrong, madness/sanity, friends/enemies and who falls into which category.

Through the books Thomas, our main character is made to face some pretty serious things and I frankly had a hard time putting my book down and an even harder time waiting between books.  I think anyone who likes intrigue, adventure, action stories will love this series.  I give it 5 stars.

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  1. Oh, I'm definitely gonna have to check this one out too. I love series that create their own world- I admire the creativity these authors show! Great review! Hopefully the next one is on its' way!