Saturday, March 10, 2012

Giveaways Galore

                Okay so I hadn’t planned on posting today.  Really I was hoping to finish reading the book I’m on and then work on my review as the next post but I came across an amazing site with amazing give away prizes for follower appreciation day.  That person is Mary at Sparkling Reviews

                So right now she has multiple contests open.  One is for a $500 Amazon gift card.  I know amazing right my brain can’t even imagine how many books that’d buy.  Then there is one for an iPad, hello who wouldn’t want one of those babies?  Next we have a $500 Best Buy gift card, oh yeah I love to browse in there at the newest toys but know I can’t afford them.  Then we have another cool e-reader a KoboVox.  Then to top it all off a 7 nightDisney cruise for 4 to the Caribbean.  Oh yeah!  You all should know by now I heart my Disney movies.  I would flip for any of these that’s for sure.  So check them out.

                Now I got back into my comfy chair and finish reading my book…

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