Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Scala (Angelbound #2) by Christina Bauer

                As mentioned yesterday, this was my other sequel review that I was excited about and came out on the same day, Scala book 2 in the Angelbound series by Christina Bauer.   Thank you again to NetGalley and Ink Monster for letting me read it almost a week early to review.  Not as early to post, but bright side, it is on sale today so you can click right on over and order it ;) 
                Scala takes place a few months after the end of Angelbound, if you don't remember it check out the review here.  Myla is now not only bad ass quasis (half human/half demon) with a wicked dragon tail and years of combat training under her belt, she is now also the Great Scala.  That means she is the only one with the power to move souls out of Purgatory and into their final resting place of Heaven of Hell.  Sounds good right?  Well not so much when Lucifer's Orb is limiting her ability and making it so she can only send souls to Hell.  Yikes! 

                Unwilling to send innocent souls to rot in Hell she does the natural thing and goes on strike until the Orb is found and removed.  Problem is, with so many souls coming into Purgatory every month the storage buildings are filling up like pressure cookers.  Myla wants to stick to her beliefs and not risk the souls of those meant for Heaven but she is running out of time and risking all of Purgatory if the souls break free and overrun the living.  Not the easier job in the world for our 19 year old girl.

                Also keep in mind she is also dealing with politics and her old enemy, the witchy whiney brat, Lady Adair who is bound to make her life more difficult.  She wants what Myla has, what she feels was taken from her, the prestige, the power, and most of all Prince Lincoln.  But with Myla and Lincoln not only are they able to steam up some serious scenes but they are also able to work together and bring out the best of one another and fight back against all of their enemies seen and unseen.   But is that enough this time?

                I really love the covers with these series from Ink Monster, simple and beautiful.  Myla in her Scala robes which also can change to armor, very resourceful when you are part wrath demon and under constant attack.  All the things in the first book, the strong personality of our main character Myla are still there even as she struggles with uncertainty in her new position holding so much power and not wanting to make the wrong choice.  We also have more Lincoln but as much as she wants to spend all her time with the man, Prince, she loves he is busy being a prince and demon hunter and she has her own things to deal with so making things work takes some work too.

                This is a short novella type story and was a quick read.  I finished it in a few hours, sadly broken up as I kept getting interrupted.  I easily rate this book 5 stars and am excited to note that the next book Armageddon is set to come out October 14th so again, not a long wait at all which is beyond appealing.  Anyways as mentioned Scala comes out today so check it out and tell me what you think in the comments below.

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