Saturday, October 18, 2014

Book Events! My First experience and more to come!

                Today is about book events.  I am new to the world and have some things to share and some things to ask my fellow book lovers.  I had the pleasure of meeting P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast on Thursday on tour for Redeemed, the last book in the House of Night series.  I have been reading these books since 2009, after book 5 came out.  I was just getting back into the reading for pleasure game and a friend had them and loaned them to me.  I remember I was working that Friday-Sunday 12 hr shift nights and it was pretty dead so I finished all 5 in that time, then I wanted more and had to wait.  The story of a book lovers life, right?  When a new one comes out, I go and get it.  P.C. Cast is what I consider an auto-buy author.  I have all the HoN books with novellas and other books, her Divine/Parthalon series, and her romance series The Goddess Summoning series, and I love them all.  
               I have never been to any book event before, because, well honestly I live in South Georgia and no one comes around here and when I hear about them coming within a reasonable distance its either too late or something comes up.  So when I found out they were going to be in Atlanta I was excited.  Grant it, not the closest but 3.5 hours was doable.  I got the day off with work, had a dentist appointment in the first half of the day too, and drove up then back after it was over.  A long day in the vehicle but it was so worth it.

               My first book event was a huge success.  First and foremost, P.C. and Kristin were so amazingly sweet and funny to listen to.  They answered a ton of questions for the audience and made jokes but also kept the spoilers down for those who didn't read the new book yet, having had to purchase it there, I'm a fast reader but not that fast lol.  I got my book signed by both of them along with the poster I won.  Yes I totally won a poster, 1 of 3 and I got first dibs.  That was so hard, choosing which picture I wanted more.  I also got some photos of them and me with them while they were signing!  But even more fun than that, I made some new bookish friends!  Yes my normally shy self decided if I was going to go to these events I was going to be chatty and put myself out there and make friends, it’s the only way to go and I am so happy I did.         
              While discussing books with my new friends, I learned another favorite and auto-buy author of mine, Maggie Stiefvater is going to be in Atlanta this month.  I was beyond elated at the news.  The day is not so easy, work wise and I thought I wouldn't be able to do it but my wonderful shift partner said she'd be willing to swap days off with me for it!  Happy dance.  Now I'm planning to make the drive up once more in just over a week.  Bright side, trips so close, probably won't get lost.  Hopefully!
                Aside from Maggie Stiefvater coming to Atlanta and hopefully seeing her, I have another event I'm super stoked about: YALLfest.  I found out about YALLfest and I started planning right away to make sure I could have the money to make the trip and of course the time off to do it as well.  Everything is lined up and my good friend Sarah Leigh is even going with me!  If you guys don't know about YALLfest don't worry I didn’t know about it either until earlier this year.  It's a book lovers event.  It's 60 of the most popular YA authors coing together and doing signings, panels, presentations and such.  The best part, the event is FREE!  Yes the major event is free, there are a few things that have tickets, a few talks and jazz but that’s due to limitations on the space and such but they are like $7 tickets so totally affordable. This wonderful even will take place in Charleston, SC on Friday Nov. 7th- Saturday Nov. 8th.  It's going to be at Blue Bicycle Books and surrounding venues. 

                 How cool is that?  The list of authors, here, is insane.  I have read a bunch of these and so many others I have the books but haven't made it to them yet.  Now I'm motivated.  I want to have something to talk about when I get to meet them and ask them to sign my books!  Also, if any of you watch Team Epic Reads who do Tea Time on Wednesdays they will be there as well hosting the YA Smackdown I believe.  I'm stoked and have my ticket for that.  

                Anyways I don't know where everyone is from but if you are planning to be there send me a message in the comments or e-mail or whatever.  It'd be great to see everyone and make meet more friends!  I don't have everything planned out but we have our few tickets and hotel and everything else is going to be a new experience.  I'm currently deciding the best way to transport all of my books.  So yes if anyone is going or wishing they could go, which author going would you be most excited to meet?  Comment below, I may have a giveaway afterwards if I get some goodies!  Also if anyone has advice for me I'm all ears as well.  I'll update when I know more.  


  1. Thank you for the lovely post Eve! And thank you for coming to our event! XXXOOO


  2. Awe thanks for posting :) It was so worth the drive up there, I had a great time. I love my poster, I'm working on getting a frame for it, I don't want to hang it with tape or tacks and damage it! I look forward to reading all your future books!

  3. I cannot adequately express how excited I am at the prospect of this trip! I can feel vowels and consonants coursing through my veins! Books are friends. They're journeys. They're experiences. Books wield enough power to make me cry like a girl or go She-Hulk Angry in a matter of seconds!

    I love that you love books, too, Eve. You know I'm a snob and so you're a good balance. Sort of like a gateway drug when it comes to new genres and the like. I didn't know who PC Cast was, but as you are wont to do, you helped bring her onto my radar. :-)

  4. Hey Sarah Leigh,
    I'm always happy to bring new books to your radar. The ability of the books to make someone cry or scream or laugh in any one moment is amazing and why I love them so.