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More Cora and Echo in Souls by Ednah Walters

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                As promised more reviews!  Let's jump right in.  Today we have Souls by Ednah Walters, which is the 2nd book in the Grimnirs series and book 5 in the Runes series.  Now for a brief run down the Runes series is the main story and told from the POV of Raine.  The Grimnirs series has  two books in it thus far  and follow in tangent with the original, however,  focuses on Cora and are told from her perspective.  I adore having Cora's thoughts on things and having a more central story focused on Cora and Echo.  These stories also come out in two versions, the original and a clean version that tones down the sex/language to me appropriate for younger readers.  You can also check out my reviews for Runes, Grimnirs, and Seeress.

                Now down to the goodies which will contain spoilers from the previous books in the series so if you're not caught up yet go read them and come back.  You've been warned.  So we left off after a bit of a battle royal in the forest with the Valkyries and the evil Immortals.  Well Cora is still doing her thing in helping souls find closure, even though her sexy soul reaper boyfriend Echo doesn't always like the toll it takes on her.  Still he is a good boyfriend and is her perfect partner in this as he reaps the souls after she finishes.  That is until she meets with a dark soul.  Yep, and not just some twisted psycho but something much darker.  Now Echo wants her to stop.  She is caught between what she feels is right and what Echo wants from her.  Add to that the other reapers trying to track this dark soul down and you have a mess.  Even her Valkyrie friends don't understand why she would ever help a dark soul.  Cora feels there is more to it than she's been told and that this dark soul may be the key to stopping a much more sinister plot against her and her friends. 

                As I mentioned I love me some Cora and Echo.  He is such a good guy bad boy.  He is a reaper, one of Hel's best, and he is very confident in himself but when he's with Cora he's different.  I enjoy watching the different interactions with him and seeing how Cora interrupts him.  She knows how it would look to others and what she has given up to be with him but she doesn't care.  Some things she still has her moments on, come on what girl wouldn’t like a boyfriend to take her out in public ever once an a while.  Still reading them together even when they don’t agree, because lets face it they're both stubborn.  Its swoon worthy.  His need for her comes through and makes me want to warm him up after his trips to Hel.  And Cora, she has grown a lot over the series.  She was all hot guy of the week blog but now she has seen what's really out there and wants to help people.  She isn't the type to sit back and let her supernatural boyfriend do all the work, she wants to contribute too.  So she helps souls even when it takes a toll on her.  She is a strong character who takes what is given to her and rolls with it the best way she can.  At the same time she is totally mushy and in love with her guy even though she hates being 'that girl' sometimes.  Though I would never classify Cora as a girl who needs her guy to be complete, I simply think that what they have makes them both stronger and its okay to need/want that. 

                We've covered their chemistry.  Scorching.  Echo has also grown since we first met him and although he doesn’t care to have a ton of people around he is slowly coming out of his solitary life.  He has friends now even if no one will admit it.  Cora is good for him in that way, she loves him and their time together but she isn't given up her friends and family to spend every second with him but instead pulls him into it.  Even if he doesn't always make it easy or play fair.  I also liked that in this one we got more of Raine, Torin, and the gang.  Cora's relationship with Echo is great but we also see more of her with Raine.  They had been friends for years and we see that closeness in here.  I could easily see their relationship, not many words needed to discuss something, just needing a hug, and always standing by one another in any situation.  Also unlike Raine, Cora has to do all this supernatural stuff without her parents knowing which means lies and cover stories.  That can't be easy for when you have a good and close relationship with your parents like she has.  And I love that the author didn’t just shove that aside either and made it clear. 

                Oh the feels.  I won't say when, if you haven't read this book, but there were a couple of scenes where it pulled on my heart strings and gave me a serious case of the feels where I had to stop reading for a bit and do something else.  Hey I was at work and I refuse to cry because of a book at work; the guys would never let me live it down and I'd scare people away if they came to the window.  So keep tissues handy. 
December is a long time...

                Not just Cora/Echo hotness, or tears, there was a lot of action going on between the fighting and the mystery to solve.  We also learn more about the marks put on Cora that make her soul cat nip.  It also left plenty of questions unanswered that I hope will come up in the next book.  The stories really do line up perfectly and I can't wait to see what happens next in Witches in December.   With all this, if it wasn't clear I give Souls 5 Stars.  Anyways Souls came out September 29th so check it and the other books in the Runes and Grimnirs series out.  You can click here for a list of the books in order to make it super easy.

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