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Alpha Divided...Need I say more.

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                Okay so today is a very exciting day, we have 3 great books coming out.  I’ve been talking about this for a while now, including the bind up that was released earlier this week that holds book 1 in The Alpha Girl series.  Books out today are Cipher which I reviewed here; Armageddon (Angelbound #3), which I’ll review tomorrow; and the book I’m going to be reviewing today Alpha Divided.  I was lucky enough to receive all three of these book ARC’s from NetGalley and Ink Monster.  So check them out today.  If I didn’t mention, Alpha Divided is the 3rd book in the Alpha Girls series so from here on out there will be spoilers for the previous two books.  Kinda hard to talk about book 3 at all without out them, so be warned. For my original reviews for Becoming Alpha and Avoiding Alpha click on the title.

                Alpha Divided picks up pretty much just where Avoiding Alpha leaves off.  Tessa is still trying to figure out her life and the consequences that they are still working through from book 1.  The same thing that started it all, Tessa meeting Dastien and him biting her and turning her into a werewolf.  Since then she has fought vampires, learned she was supposed to lead a witch coven before the whole werewolf thing, broken a curse to save a friend, and fought her own issues to be with her true mate.  Things are even looking up, Tessa and Dastien will have a wonderful full moon ceremony to officially bind them and also make their case stronger.  That is until the local coven crash the party and throws down an ultimatum, give Tessa back to the witches or face war with the witches.  There is no good choice.  Tessa doesn’t want to cause a war but she also knows she can’t make the coven happy.  She’s a werewolf now and her place is as an Alpha in the pack, not part of the coven she is sure practices dark-magic.  She may not have the different sides of her life figures out yet but one thing Tessa is sure of, Dastien.  So a life where they are parted isn’t in the card.  Tessa must walk a delicate line to help save as many lives as possible.

Such pretty covers
                This book has a lot going for it just with that alone.  It ramps up the relationship feels for sure.  The connection that Tessa and Dastien have is so strong and beautiful.  They have to face some pretty tough things and the reader, along with Tessa, finds out just how strong the bond is.  We also get a look inside the coven, and a closer look at the darkness there.  Tessa is by no means happy with the current situation but she is determined to help out where she can and as consolation prize she gets to learn some more about her past, her family, and oh yeah her bruja side. 

                The series as a whole flows so easily, I read through it in one sitting.  I devoured the book and didn’t put it down until the end, where I got my heart broken that I have to wait for more about Tessa and Dastien.  Their connection is a main focal point for the series thus far, at least for me, but in this we get to see how other react to it.  We’ve been surrounded by other pack members who understand the whole dynamic even when Tessa didn’t.  Now she has to explain it to the coven and it becomes clear it wasn’t an accident or a purposefully slight against the coven.  You also have the connection she has to her family, as she uncovers the past truths and digs deeper into the world she was meant to lead.

I don’t want to give any more away, I want you to go into it unspoiled and ready for the feels and the action.  Aside from the having to wait part at the end, I am in complete love with this book as I have been with the series so far.  It holds a magical combination of fast paced action, mystery, witty dialog, and of course the romance makes it a winner.  I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this book.  It had me so worked up at parts where I had to set the kindle down and lean over it because I was scared I’d squeeze my poor kindle too hard waiting for what would happen next. 

All 3 available today!
Alpha Divided is available today so check it out.  Again if you’re new to this series I highly recommend it, 5 Stars.  The first book of the series is also in a bind-up with Angelbound which I mentioned a few days ago, here, so feel free to take advantage of that deal as well.  Also out by our talented Aileen Erin is Cipher, and Armageddon by Christina Bauer which I’ll be reviewing tomorrow to check back then!

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