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New Series! The Shadow Raves: Cipher

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                Hello everyone I have some exciting news.  I have a bunch of book reviews coming soon to share with you.  And one of my dear friends who is pretty hilarious and unique has decided to take me up on my offer and is considering doing a guest post here and there at her fancy which is something to look forward to.  While we work on the details of that I’ve got lots of books and reviews to do as well, a few ARC’s and new releases.  First of which is going to be the first book in a new series put out by Ink Monster, CipherCipher is the first book in The Shadow Raven series but as I understand it will have a different author on their team, two of which are on my favs list already, writing a full length store in the tale but different novellas in the time between.  See Ink Monster is different as they collaborate and put out books in the series, even if it's just a shorter novella type store, every 6 months or so, meaning less waiting for us impatient readers.  The first book in The Shadow Ravens series, Cipher, is written by Aileen Erin who writes the Alpha Girls series I have been reading and reviewing.  Also side note the next one in that series should be out soon as well.

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                Today though is all about the new series and that starts with Cipher.  In the future world with enhanced DNA where people can become super powerful, super smart, to name a few even immortal, not ever helix is good.  Where a helix would show pride and enhancements, those marked with a red helix are marked with a death sentence, unstable DNA.  Cipher is one of those lucky ones with unstable DNA, which might explain why she can manipulate electricity.  When she was only eight years old she made the mistake of letting her ambitious uncle know what she was and that got her parents killed and put her on the run.  She's been running for the past 12 years but is tired of running and hiding and wants more than to just survive.  She wants her life back.  Risking being caught she uses her hacking skills to break into the mainframe but before she can go through all the info she kinda has a electrical surge and fries her processor.  Not cheap and she has to get a new one up to her standards, which puts her on a path to meeting her online friend Knight who is different than she expected.  Trust doesn't come easy for her but between her one honest in person friend she allowed herself to make and this online pal Knight coming into the flesh she years for a life she isn't sure she can have.

                This book was a quick read; I read it in one slow shift at work.  I couldn’t put it down and was slightly more anti-social than normal when co-workers wanted to talk.  What can I say?  The story goes between Ciphers and Knights POV so we see each of them through different glasses.  You see how they think of themselves and how the other sees them and I always find that great because you can sometimes over look things in yourself and others see them clear as day.  Cipher is an amazing hacker who has wild blue hair, piercings, and a few tattoos to remind her of things she has given up.  Mostly she is lonely, always on the run, but has allowed herself to stay a little longer than normal and actual have a friend in the real world.  And Knight, her cyber buddy who makes her favorite processor, is on his own quest searching to repay a debt and protect but stuck in a horrible spot to make it happen.  There is a lot going on in the story and I don’t want to say too much for fear of spoiling you, and you all know how I feel about spoilers, but it will keep you on the edge of your seat with actions, chases, fights, etc.  And you also have the connections between the characters and how they develop. 

                I will end this saying one of the things I love most about these books from Ink Monster is there goal is to create worlds and kiss ass characters which I love.  I give it 5 Knight Processors.  I hope you all will give Cipher a chance and fall in love as well.  Cipher comes out on October 14th.  

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