Friday, December 18, 2015

A tale of revenge in Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan

                Hello everyone!  So yesterday was a bit of a bust for keeping on tract.  My mother came by before my eye appointment to get technical assistance for her Kindle and then me being completely spacey forgot what they do at most eye appointments…dilate your eyes.  I have some issues with this in it just makes me nap because everything is too bright for several hours after.  Thus I couldn’t stand to look at my screen to post; and just left my wonderful flash drive with my reviews at home today.  Holiday brain is what I’m calling it.  I hope you all are finished or at least in the home stretch and getting ready to just sit back and enjoy the rest.  I have everything finished but my loads of baking I’ll be doing Monday/Tuesday.  But I love to bake as much as I love to read so should be fun.  Back to bookish matters though I have for you today my thoughts and feels on Daughter of DeepSilence by Carrie Ryan.

Rating:  5 Stars

                This is a story of revenge.  Plan and simple.  Our main character lost everything when the Persephone was attacked.  Everyone was killed and the ship sank.  Only three survivors to tell the tale and two of them are lying.  Only Frances knows the real truth and she will stop at nothing until the murders of her family and everyone else on that ship are made to pay.  Even if she has to take down the first, the only, boy she’s every loved to do it. 

                I really enjoyed this book.  I enjoyed Frances and her story.  She has turned herself into someone else for four years.  She let her old self die on that ship and became Libby.  This was so heartbreaking to be because not only did she go through so much to that point but she then lost everything else that was hers including her ability to really mourn for her family or to remember old times with others.  I just wanted her to find out her truth.  I wanted to know what and why it all happened as much as she did.  It was a page turner for me for sure.  I was always disappointed to reach the daily goal (week read-along) and put it down. This is probably why I finished it a few days early. 

                Aside from Frances and her journey I also found myself really feeling for Shepherd.  He was royally screwed in it all.  Everyone is really going through something.  The depth of the characters emotions really came off the page for me and I was constantly torn between my feelings for several of the characters.  Even Grey, who we know has been lying this whole time, seems to be really messed up over it which gives you the feels.  Still Frances most of all in the whole mess for so many reasons I can’t fully explain without ruining things.  I seriously found myself downing my glass of water while reading this book because hearing of that thirst made me thirsty.

                Basically this book is one big take of page turning vengeful fun.  I really enjoyed the ABC show Revenge, some seasons more than others, and this took me back to the best parts about it.  Also his name was Grey haha.  The plot kept me going trying to figure it all out and how I wanted it to end because as a reader I was invested and I had my own thoughts and visions for the end game and it changed each and every time something new came into play.  I was caught up in it all and loving every minute. 

                I really enjoy a good story of revenge and really got behind this one.  I would recommend it to pretty much anyone.  It plays with more than revenge but with pain, identity, love, loss and the search for the truth.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the book or the plot.  What do you think of revenge as a whole?  Share your thoughts below and let’s converse on it. 

                Until next time…

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