Friday, December 11, 2015

The Infernal Devices: Manga

                Today is a bit of a fun one.  I have never gotten into graphic novels in the past, just never something I was exposed to, until they did the first three Vampire Academy books in graphic novel form as well because I had to have them.  I love them.  I also really enjoyed the Legend graphic novel as an addition to the story and even the House of Night novella graphic novels that tell a story that takes place between books which was interesting.  All of this had me wanting to check out other books I liked and any graphic novel additions but I didn’t find many, though if any of you have any suggestions on some great graphic novels to get started on I’d love some recommendations. 

                Then I was watching booktube a couple months back and I saw Katytastic talking about The Infernal Devices: Manga.  I had somehow missed them in my search.  As a newbie I was unaware of the difference of manga and graphic novels.  Anywho I knew about them and because I LOVE the Infernal Devices trilogy I had to have these.  Once they arrived, separately and in order which was super helpful, I started to enjoy them.  So I’d like to share some quick thoughts on them. 
 Rating: 5 Stars

                 When the first one arrived, Clockwork Angel, I only meant to glance over it.  Not unusual and it does fly right by since it’s told in pictures and such.  I really enjoyed the artwork and seeing the different characters come to life.  Personally I think I would have preferred the whole thing to be in color not just the cover page (which from what I read the whole black and white aspect is a manga thing) but I was okay with it.  After I googled the hell out of it thinking mine was defective of course.  I was just confused why there was one color page then black and white and I was confused.  Google solved everything though.  The next thing I knew it was getting dark and I was starved.  Yep I read through the whole book in one sitting after that. 

                I quickly read all three books as they came in.   Now while I don’t think they would have been as good on their own without having read the series, there is enough detail and such happening that you get the overall story just miss some of the smaller fun things that made the series so beautiful.  But as a companion to the series they were perfect.  They made me fall in love with the books all over again while giving me visuals of some of the downworlders and Henry’s inventions, as well as the cast of character I grew to love so much.  Oh and the fashion, these are set back in Victorian London but when reading the series to start I sometimes forgot about things like the size of the dresses women wore and all the other details.  Only enhanced with pictures drawn beautiful by the artist HyeKyung Baek the story given to us by Cassandra Clare. 

                I highly recommend these manga to any fan of the series and for any unsure of the series it might be a nice way to dip your toe in and test the waters.  Please share your thoughts and feels below in the comments.  Also PLEASE any graphic novel or manga recommendations please share them as well.

                Until next time…

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