Monday, December 7, 2015

This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales

                Getting you through another Monday is some good book fun!  Sorry for my lateness in posting I stayed at work substantially later than intended and slept well past normal waking times, but then what are day offs for.  I’m doing very good at catching up on some reviews I’ve been meaning to write or edit from the ramble phase.  I am hoping to get most caught up and ready to post if not posted by the start of 2016 to start fresh!  With that in mind today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts and feels on This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales.  I previously read another book by the author, Tonight the Streets Are Ours (review here), and I enjoyed it and it only made me want to check out the other title I have by her.  Technically speaking I had this one for a lot longer.  Also something I’m working on and working towards in 2016 but I'll post more on that in a separate blog.  Today it's all about the review.

Rating: 4.5 Songs

                This Song Will Save Your Life is about Elise.  She's never had any friends.  Really she just kind of floats around, the mean girls are catty as usual and find ways to harass her and she doesn't really fit anywhere or have people to talk to.  After a failed attempted to revamp her image and gain popularity fails she gives up.  One night she stumbles into a warehouse party and some friends: Vicky, spunky sweet girl in a band who accepts her from the start, Pippa, English carefree party girl, Char, handsome mysterious DJ.  Most importantly she finds a love for DJing and how it changes her life.

                I liked this story.  I was drawn to Elise and her pain.  I think everyone understands that feeling in some way, the rejection.  It never gets easy and as she had no real friends as a support system I could feel for her and wanted things to work out for her so badly.  She makes some decisions and as she changes her mid which I think is a very true reality that many go through.  She then has to deal with the consequences of her choices but she is working through it.  I respect that.  When she finds the club I am excited.  That would be me, out in lounge clothes not looking nice and get invited into a club out of nowhere.  Still she finds something in herself.  I really enjoyed Elise's journey and while I didn't agree with her choices at times I could understand them from her perspective. 
                 Music is also a huge aspect of the story, it is about DJing after all.  I admit to knowing nothing about being a DJ other than playing songs and balancing them out so they don't leave open space and jazz.   I enjoyed getting a bit more information on the subject and seeing her learn, but not being bogged down either.  I also may have randomly stopped reading to YouTube some songs mentioned just to hear them and read along at times.  I think with Elise we also have a few other characters who were each unique and important, like Vicky, Char, her parents and siblings.  Each one has their own personality and added to the story as a whole and Elise's life good or bad. 

                I enjoyed this story and my favorite aspect was that it wasn't scared to show the emotion.  The nasty nitty gritty emotion of it all from the highs to the lowest of lows.  I loved the journey that Sales too us on in this book and I think it is something anyone can enjoy and find some aspect to relate to or root for.  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  Remember comments spread love!  Tell me, did you love Elise?  Do you think certain people got off easy/harsh?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Elise's story was very heartfelt and i liked how much she grew as a character. I am looking forward to reading Tonight The Streets Are Ours, bc I really enjoyed the character development and Sales' writing style.

    1. It was fun reading it with our group! Hope you enjoy Tonight as well ;)