Thursday, June 30, 2016

All the Feels

                Hello happy readers!  So today I wanted to share a review I did for No BS Book Reviews because it was so adorable and I loved it!  I had to share it here as well but you can find my original post in full here.  But yeah I have mentioned it a few times and wanted it on here as well!  That is All the Feels by Danika Stone.

Rating:  5 Stars

                This story is about a girl who is all about her fandom.  After the latest movie comes out and the lead, her hero is killed off she can't handle it and dives into her fandom for comfort.  Then an insane idea hits and with the help of her friend and her skills she plans to bring him back. She is juggling this epic task with school, family, and a pretty disastrous love life.  Oh and hanging out with her best friend. This book is full of feels!

                This book was just adorable.  Seriously.  Okay so it's about a major fangirl which I can totally relate to.  She's also a bit of a recluse and spends more time with online people than in real life, again I can relate to that. 

                Awesome factor:  The chapters all started with a quote from a movie/series/etc that has a huge fandom which only added to my desire to get to the next chapter to see what was picked next.  It was really something extra that just made me feel all the feels, pun intended.

                Liv was such a dynamic character because she had such passion for something and no one was going to deter her from it.  Liv was far from perfect and had some issues balancing things in her life but who doesn't?  I know I do.  Over time I've learned to adapt but she's still young and again something I think most can relate with.  But my favorite characteristic of Liv and what made her dear to me is her total acceptance of Xander and his steampunk cosplay lifestyle and was never embarrassed about it.  True friendship for sure.

                Xander is the same way.  He is there for her and always happy to listen to her and help her out.  He had some of the best lines that just had me grinning.  The things that came out of his mouth.  Plus he was sexy as all get out and not gonna lie I kind of dig the steampunk thing.

                Part of the book takes place at DragonCon.  I've heard nothing but amazing things about this event, which I am hoping to maybe be able to swing attending next year for the first time.  But to read a first time encounter from a fangirl just makes me want to go all the more.  It also made me want fast food at odd hours.

                That's it.  This book is all about the feels, the emotions and connections between people, fandoms, and everything in between.  Its super fast to fly through and totally worth the read!

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