Friday, March 16, 2018

Witch's Pyre (Worldwalker #3)

                Hello happy readers!  So today I have my thoughts on a series ender I have been meaning to read for a while and finally did.  I read the first book of the trilogy and loved it.  Same for book two until the end just broke me and left me nervous about continuing on.  Then my bestie wanted to borrow a book and saw the cover for book one and asked if I had read this series (because yes I have plenty of books on my shelves I haven’t read and thus not a huge fan of loaning out those until I have read them first) and I had the first couple so I let her borrow book one.  I had planned to read the final book this year anyways so this would give me incentive.  Mind you the last time she was reading a book it took forever and a day for me to be able to talk about it but this one she flew through in a couple days.  So I had to get on it and that weekend at work I finally read the amazing finale for the Worldwalker trilogy by Josephine Angelini, Witch’s Pyre.  I have previously reviewed the first books:  Trial by Fire & Firewalker.

 Rating:  5 Willstones

                Lily has come a long way from the sick girl she used to be in the world we know.  She has traveled worlds, gained power as a witch, become a leader, and faced dangerous travels and battles.  She has also lost a lot.  Her first crush and best friend and in a different way the man she loves after he betrayed her in the worst possible way.  Now Lily and her coven are introduced to a new society unlike anything they have ever seen.  A society that lives with the Woven but something isn’t right in the perfect utopia and Lily is determined to find the answer.  Along the way she begins to uncover a deeper truth.  There is still nuclear war to be prevented and many sides to fight on.  Can Lily find a way to victory that doesn’t turn her into the tyrannical other her, Lillian or cost the lives of all those she cares for?

                So when I went into this book I was nervous.  At the end of the last book Rowan did something horrible.  He betrayed her in the worst possible way to me.  He took her will stones from her and locked her in a cage.  Knowing that she was still haunted by her last similar encounter and promising to protect her from such a fate being the one to do it made him dead in my eyes.  So I was worried he’d show up and magically be forgiven and all is well.  I wasn’t near ready to forgive him.  Even waiting almost two years between books as soon as I saw his name my anger was right back at peak level for him.  But I was so thrilled that the story didn’t go that way.  There was so much happening and I loved the way things played out.
                This new city that has been thriving all these years.  The discovery of a whole world who knew they were there but didn’t try to help.  There is a lot going on and a lot of mystery and intrigue happening.  I liked getting to know more about the others and the coven bond as it grew stronger for some and weaker for others.  When Rowan did show up, because we knew he was, it was natural for me.  The way the story plays out is so much better than I could have imagined.  There is the conflict outside our little coven from all the challenges they face but also within as everyone in the coven has their own baggage and thus react differently to things. 

                I really enjoyed getting to see a wider aspect of the world in this book.  We see the west coast but we also learn about how the rest of the world is doing.  It is such a vast contract to how they were doing in the colonies.  We also got to learn more about the Woven and the different types and what makes them unique.  We traveled a ton and used up some serious magic as the plots were uncovered.  It was a thrill ride for me.  I got the character work I have come to love in this series but I also got the action we expect as the series comes to an end and so many irons are in the fire.  Battle is on the horizon and lines have been drawn. 
                I saw several things coming from the start but others caught me off guard in the best way.  There was death and tears but also life and joy.  I covered the emotional spectrum in this for sure.  The end was very fitting and really encompassed what we had been building towards.  There is a real payoff in the end and while I would love to go back into the world and continue to see the “after” and more from those who made it I am also completely at ease with the end.  There was nothing that was really left hanging everything was pretty much covered and I am so happy with how things happened.  So many characters got some great arcs overall with real depth.  It was amazing.  I highly recommend this series!!!

                Until next time…

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