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Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid #6)

                Hello happy readers!  I finally finished reviewing the whole Georgina Kincaid series!  I literally finished books 5 and 6 in the same day forgoing sleep to finish.  Yes I was obsessed with finding out how it ended.  I'm excited to have them all up now and if you need a refresher here are my thoughts on Succubus Revealed the final book and overall thoughts on the series.  If you missed it I previously reviewed all the books:  SuccubusBlues, Succubus on Top, City of Demons & Succubus Dreams, Succubus Heat, and SuccubusShadows.

Rating: 5 Stars

                This is what it all comes down to.  Georgina has been a succubus for a long time and lived many lives.  She finally has the man she loves and while there are complications things are on the up-swing.  Until she gets papers of transfer to what would normally be a desirable destination….Vegas.  While it might be a dream gig it pulls her away from her friends and life she has built, but most importantly Seth.  There is just something suspicious about everything and if there is every a snowballs chance in hell of getting out of this business she is going to try.

                This is it.  The culmination of all the other stories and what is to become of our favorite succubus and her favorite author.  We have been waiting for it through five previous books and I was glued in through it all.  I will say this one has more emotional action / drama rather than physical action but it was very rewarding for me.  I had a lot of the plot figured out early on, some I suspected from previous book and some hints but it became apparent to me very early in this book what took them much longer to figure out.  Still even when I knew watching them come up with it and then come to terms with what it meant was a roller coaster.  Ups and downs that had you unsure what way was up at points.  Georgina is always so strong and ready for anything but you see that there are times when even she is scared to face things.  I loved seeing the juxtaposition in her and how everything from the previous stories had been building to this moment.  Little bread crumbs along the way.  I love when a story is so well set up that you can look back to the first book and see certain things in a different light. 

                There is still the zanny and snazzy lines we love from our characters and their care free attitudes for many things to compliment the more emotional side of things.  I loved getting to see more with the Mortensen women because they were always so much fun.  The girls just touched your heart and I loved their interaction with Georgina.  I also enjoyed getting to see more with Peter, Cody, Hugh, Carter, and Roman.  Roman really turned a corner in the last book for me and I wasn’t sure if he was going to revert in this final installment or not but I am glad to see his character developed the way he did.  Of course Carter is amazing for me, I loved the idea of having an angel hanging out in the crew of hellish creatures.  We also got to meet some new lesser immortals in Vegas and the return of Bast, whom I was on the fence about. I really enjoyed the mystery of this story and how it has been building since book one and the payoff was everything to me in the end and I am happy.  That said I still have some questions about a few things that I would have liked more on just because I’m curious but overall the important things were there.  I think the book could have been a bit longer and the end had a bit of a rush to it for me mainly because I still have some questions.  None of this will detract any points because this story as a whole gave me so much more than I could have asked for I just wanted more.  But that seems to be the way with books we love.

                Now I have a few things I need to discuss that are total spoilers for the books and series.  So don’t continue on if you haven’t finished the series. 

Seriously this is you last warning!!!

                So he always thought they were connected.  Her past loves.  Seth and her first husband, the name I can’t spell since I listened to the audiobook.  But I knew from book one there was a connection stronger and as the series developed I saw hints all over the place.  When Seth got her a ring in style to her original wedding ring.  Him calling her his world.  The Maddie thing (she slept with his best friend in the first life and he slept with hers in this one) the parallel was real and while I hated it the parallel is what made me understand it better but more when he finally explained himself at the end of the last book in his note.  I just love it.  I love that they finally got to have their fresh start. 

                But now onto questions I still have.  I want to know what happened, for sure with Roman and Yasmine.  I want to wish for the best and until I hear otherwise they are okay.  Side note I loved that they brought Yasmine back.  What else…oh yeah what about Bast?  Did we ever find out if he was truly her friend who was lying under orders thinking it was no big deal or did he know the part he was playing?  What became of Jerome, did he get to keep his gig or did someone else take over Seattle?  If so who?  Also what about Niphon and his major screw up?  I hope he got blasted for all the torment, Jerome too.  And to think I liked him and she SAVED him.  Moving on, so she has leave Seattle which makes sense what Carter told her but the family is still there so they will make visits to see the girls and all so they could still be friends just on the down low right?  I am going with yes!  Because another big question is what about Kayla?  With them gone who is going to teach Kayla about her gift so she understands what she sees?  Also I would have LOVED a scene with them at the end with Georgina as a human and what difference Kayla sees in her.  I want to say that Carter keeps popping in and checking on them (and sending new pony toys for the stable) to keep his vow because what happens to him now.  He has been here this whole time to save her and that just made me feel amazing his final endearment “Daughter of man” just made my heart swell.  And last that I can think of at the moment:  Maddie and Doug.  I’m glad Georgina and Doug made up and we learned that Maddie ended up meeting someone which I’m happy about and it’s silly but we never find out if Doug got Georgina’s old job and I wanted to make sure the shop was in good hands!


                Okay so that was the does it for my thoughts on the whole series. I don’t know if there was one thing that got me so deeply involved in this series, more so than I have been in one for some time but I love it.  This series is one I will forever look back on with affection and love and will re-read in the future for sure.  I can’t wait to get a few of my friends to read these so we can discus though it will be a struggle to keep my lips sealed!  I highly recommend this series!

                Until next time…

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