Friday, June 1, 2018

Goal Keeper: A Pearson Players Novel

                Hello happy readers!  It is thankfully the weekend but it is also the start of June.  Where did have of 2018 go?  Anywho today is the first day in weeks where it hasn't been raining here so I decided to be a good adult and mow….mind you mowing is not something I have done but once before and I'm horrible at it so very interesting.  Still I did it and now I'm hiding inside with the AC to work on my blog and some reading.  Today I have a YA author I have really enjoyed is dipping her toes into the NA pool, using the name Sarah Nego, and I was lucky enough to snag an ARC of this new title Goal Keeper: A Pearson Players Novel in exchange for an honest review.  This title came out on 5/21, I snagged it just after as I was super behind in all things but I was ready to dive right in and it's out so you don't have to wait to read it.  And you should read because I loved it!

Rating:  5 Stars

                Goal Keeper is a hilarious stand alone college romance that combines romance, big dreams, and finding ones path in the world.  Luci Ryder is a freshman with her days planned perfectly between school and soccer.  No time for anything else if she wants to keep her scholarships and stay on track.  Newly single junior, Ryan VanKamp, is just happy to be free of his crazy rich snobby ex who also happens to be a senior and captain of the girls soccer team.  Neither are looking for romance but despite the hurdles there is something there and it might be worth the risk. 

                Luci is easy to love.  She has her goals and lists and is determined to stick to them.  I make lists all the times and try to plan out my days to make them more productive and such but most of the time that never happens and I'm lucky to get even half the stuff done.  Luci has a much higher stakes than some with balancing two different scholarships needed to get her degree and follow her life dream.  When the captain makes  a rule forbidding partying and dating with the guys team she isn't too upset about it for herself though it clearly hurts everyone else.  Still Vanessa is not one you want to mess with or she will make your life miserable.  Ryan is happy to be free of Vanessa and her demands on him to fill her life goals in a life he didn't want rubbing elbows with all the big wigs and pushing his passions aside.  His only regret aside from taking so long to do it…that it hurt the guys on his team with her new rule.

                When Ryan meets Luci he is fascinated by her.  Luci is attracted to this sexy soccer player as well but he doesn't fit in her plan and it would not only break the rule but is pretty much the worst way to break it.  Still as they get to know one another in a shared class and unplanned encounters things start to smolder.  The story is a real slow yet steady burn that is beautifully written.  You get to see things from both sides as they come to terms with what they want out of life and each other and what they are willing to risk.  I felt like I was right there with them as I anxiously awaited each moment hoping things would work out.  This story is full of sexy slow burn that really ignites on the page with these down to earth and lovable characters.  The stakes felt real.  The story felt real.  It was steamy at times but each one was well deserved and so captivating.  I loved this story and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a steamy fun read. 

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  1. This book really sounds good! And I've loved sports romances in the past so will be keeping an eye out for this. Also, the cover doesn't hurt to look at. Hehe... :)

    1. I know right some eye candy on the cover! I'm not a huge fan of sports myself but I loved that this is soccer (which if I have to watch is the one I'd choose) so whoohoo