Monday, July 4, 2016

Carry On

                Happy 4th of July readers!  I hope you all have a good day be it celebrating, working, or relaxing just stay safe.  I finished a book the other day I've been dying to read since before it even came out but sadly I was so far behind I just got to it but now I've read it and can discuss the all my feels.  More important I can stop avoiding all the reviews I've seen posted scared they would spoil anything for me.  That book is Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.  This took me back to Fangirl (review) in the best way with the characters we never got closure for and I am beyond thrilled to have finished it.

Rating: 5 Stars

                If you don't know by some miracle Carry On follows the characters we grew to love in Fangirl, the fictional series that Cath was obsessed with and wrote fanfic for centering around Simon Snow, the most powerful mage there is.  At the school for magicks he is surrounded by his best friend Penny, his girlfriend Agatha and his roommate and nemesis Baz.  The world is being tormented by the Humdrum who is sucking magic out of the world and it's up to Simon to figure it out.  No relaxing in your last day of school when you're the chosen one and savior.  This book is slammed full of everything from magic, ghosts, love and kissing (duh Rainbow Rowell book here), mystery and so much more.

                This book.  I can totally see the obsession behind it and how people would re-read as soon as they finish because it just evokes all the feels!  Seriously!  First it has a vague Harry Potter feel and that alone is enough to make one nostalgic.  Then add in Simon and Penny and Baz and you have a wonderful time.  The way it is written just makes you laugh so hard at times while 'awing' or worrying at others.   

                Carry On is told from several different POVs and it swaps throughout giving you insight from different perspectives.  From the start I loved Simon.  He is easy to love and while we only get to know Baz through him for the first part of the book it was so very different.  I was conflicted because in the Carry On sections of Fangirl I adored Baz and just hearing everyone talk I knew I would adore him but in the start I didn't much like him but I could tell things were fluid and easy to change in both Simons opinion and my own.  I also loved his relationship with Penny.  This is the perfect relationship for me they are friends no matter what but they never have romantic feelings for one another.  Grant it at one point I was wishing him with her over Agatha just because I never liked her character at all. 

                Baz…when Baz shows up in the story oh do I quickly love him.  I loved his perspective so much.  While I loved Simons questioning and random spacey thoughts I also equally loved Baz's rather darker at times view. He is so interesting from the start and he comes in with a bang for sure.  I don't even know when I or Simon went from disliking him to liking him it just happened so naturally that it's impossible to know.  Watching them bicker and banter as they room together forever being on opposite sides and finally having something to work towards together, a mystery to solve was perfect. 
It even has a map!
                 There is so much happening in this from the character dynamics to the war between the old families and the mage, the Humdrum and his threat to the world, and the mystery of a death  and how they all wind and blend together into one cohesive story is amazing.  I LOVED this book.  When I finished I was so filled with so many emotions it was insane.  I wanted to burst to tell people about this book so badly.  The romance involved in this book had all my favorite Rainbow Rowell trademarks that just make me jump with joy.  I also appreciated some aspects that could be drawn out and made a whole story on being easily resolved!  While there were a few lose ends left that have me dying to know more, I was so full finishing this I feel it had everything I could have wanted or needed to make it a beautiful and perfect book for me. 

                So basically I LOVED it.  I would love to hear your thoughts and feels on this down below in the comments.  Tell me what your favorite part of the story was?  Let's discuss it down below, please!  Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of the 4th and also to enjoy reading and watching reviews I've put off for this beauty.  Enjoy.

                Until next time…

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  1. I love this book so much!!!! I still have a while to go until I finish it, but I am already totally in love with it!!!