Monday, July 11, 2016

The Heir (Selection #4)

                Hello happy readers!  So the cake I mentioned previously never happened.  Well the cake part happened but I didn’t decorate it really because the party was canceled so yeah I just did a basic frosting layer and brought the bad boy to work today, nothing picture worthy.  That said yesterday I also was happy to continue on in a series I’ve been working though this year finally, The Heir (Selection #4) by Kiera Cass.  I reviewed the other books The Selection, TheElite, and The One already so check back there if you’d like.  Overall I really enjoyed the series as a whole and was excited to know what would happen next. 

Rating:  3.5 Stars

                America entered the selection and ended up finding a happily ever after with Prince Maxon after some difficulties through the process.  Now years later their oldest of four kids and only daughter, heir to the crown Princess Eadlyn  has been putting off the prospect of marriage as long as possible.  She has no interest in a man or partner in her job she wants to do it independent and alone.  Still as things in the country heat up it is time to have a selection for her, thirty-five men competing for her heart even if she protests against it.  As the process goes on and she gets to know these men she finds that maybe she doesn’t want to be alone all that much and the idea of love for her may be a possibility.

                Okay so my rating would seem like I didn’t care for this book but that’s not the case I did enjoy it.  I didn’t like it as much as the original books and I think that has to do with Eadlyn.  I wasn’t her biggest fan in the start she was to me a hypocrite, rude, and a spoiled brat at most times both complaining that she will be queen and forced under pressure and reassuring herself she’s the most powerful person around.  Now as the story progressed I did see softer sides to her and understand her characters motivations for many of her actions which did earn her points but it did take some time.

                The male suitors I felt we didn’t know as much about.  There are a few stand outs for sure but the others I can’t even remember their names.  That is to be expected with 35 males but still.  Eadlyn didn’t seem to care so I couldn’t tell the difference between them.  Also while I liked the idea of it being female run this time and run by her rather than her fighting against the kings selections as Maxon had to do it may be seeing it from the selectees side rather than a member of the selection but the guys didn’t seem to have to work.  Like they had to try and stay in her good graces and not insult her and try to be memorable in a positive way sure but where the girls were tested on different chores and such the guys weren’t accept the one time.  We don’t know what the guys are doing in their down time but it seems like they are just hanging out until she decides she wants to see or eliminate someone which is cool but since this is flipping the script I’d like to see them have to compete.

                I did enjoy the idea of seeing things from the opposite side, of the one searching.  Also the side of being the female in charge.  I was also a little thrown by some of the things happing in the world and some of the things America and Maxon had gone/were going through.  The dismantling of the castes and everything else that happened as we left off.  Also checking on some of the favorites like Aspen and Lucy, Marlee and Carter, and others.  I also liked the relationship between the siblings.  I really like Ahren, Eadlyn’s twin brother, he was so sweet and romantic.  I liked their connection and that was one part that kind of won Eadlyn over to me.  I didn’t always approve of her actions but I understood her motivations.  Kaden and Osteen are so cute as well, Osteen and his wildness and Kaden I admit to thinking he might be the best possible heir in my opinion. 

                Overall I enjoyed the story and it really turned around for me towards the end as I got to open up to Eadlyn and feel with her.  She is still rough around the edges but she is softening some and growing and learning and that is what we can expect.  I’m excited to read the last and final book soon so I can know what happens and how it ends but also see where Eadlyn ends up emotionally.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and feels on this one in the comments below.  Did you enjoy the new swap on the selection? 

                Until next time…

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