Friday, February 10, 2017

Deity (Covenant #3)

                Hello happy readers!  So diving right into this last week I reviewed the second book in the Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout Pure, and I loved it but was anxious to continue.  Well I had been into the next book before the post went up and after it did I was even more determined to finish it.  Hence why this is up so quick!  So without much more my thoughts on Deity (Covenant #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout.  Spoilers for the first two books, duh. 

Rating:  5 Stars

                So wow.  So much is happening in this.  Alex is reeling from what happened in the last book.  She is used to breaking rules but she killed a Pure and more, Aiden broke even more laws risking himself to cover it up for her.  She is getting closer to her birthday but everyone seems ready to kill or use her, neither of which are cool.  It’s hard to know whom to trust.

                This book was all about some characters for me.  I of course loved Alex even though I had some issues with her here and there like her inability to see things for what they are and to ignore signs.  I understood why and it made sense to her which I appreciate.  Aiden.  OMG he is my favorite!  He is awesome!  He covered for her and then everything in this book, all the tension and feelings.  He is just…wow do I love him.  There are some things I totally called and others I figured in a wide view but the final result was intense. 

                Now I mentioned in the last book I didn’t like Seth.  I didn’t like him for so many reasons but just from the first quarter of this book, probably like 50 pages really I actually hated him.  I felt like he was like a rapist.  That might seem harsh I know but that's what it felt like to me.  I don't blame him for what happened in the last book with the brew I get that.  I mean when he keeps pushing her into things.  Alex says she wants space and breathing room and he just forces himself on her until the cord comes out and calms her down and basically roofies her.  He keeps pushing until that takes hold.  She was hardly conscious at one point trying to make more marks appear even though she is scared and not ready for it.  But he's riding high and she's hardly able to breath and he's trying to get her naked.  I fear what would have happened had someone not intervened.  That is not cool.  And even if she is not complaining or seeing how wrong it is, because she’s basically drugged, she is confused by this connection she says she is and how it clouds her head but nope listening to her would deny him what he wants.  That is just from like 50 pages and not even counting the other BS that happens in the book.  Just saying I didn’t like him from the start.

                Some seriously awesome things happened in this as well.  Swoon worthy things.  And some horrible things.  This book was a roller coaster.  I think each book keeps picking up the pace and the thrills.  There are so many revelations about so many characters.  I am both anxious and scared to start the next book because who knows what could happen.  Deity did focus more on Alex and the conspiracy she is unknowingly/unwillingly at the center of, being the second Apollyon is not stress free that's for sure.  Aside from some swoon stuff that had me jumping for joy my favorite part was that we did get to know more about the Gods and even meet some of them.  I can even explain but to say there is awesome suspense and tons of action happening along with all the other drama that we love so much.  Highly recommend this series.  Also loving that I'm reading them late so I can go straight through them without having to wait, definitely the way to go.  That's all for now.

                Until next time…

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