Monday, February 6, 2017

Pure (Covenant #2)

                Hello happy readers!  Another joyous Monday, I admit my weekend felt much too short.  But I did get a couple of things done so cheers to that.  I didn't have any new books last week so I had nothing to share on Stacking the Shelves but I already have things for next week ;) One thing I worked on my review for today which I'm excited for as I work my way through the series.  Last month I review Half-Blood (Covenant #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout (review)and now I have my thoughts and feels for book two, Pure.  Spoilers for book one of course.

Rating:  5 Stars

                We pick up where we left off.  Shit got real in the last book.  I had expected things to happen but if I'm honest I never expected her to get that marked up by things so when it happened I was shocked.  So now she's back in school and training with dreamy Aiden but wait she now has to train with her "other half" Seth the first Apollyon whom she is supposed to belong with.  Still daimons are infiltrating Covenants all over and now we know Half's can be turned it is an uncertain world.  Still it's not just the daimons after her but all those who aren't fond of her being the second coming of the Apollyon and what that will mean. 

                This story really hit me in the feels.  First being in her head as she deals with everything that happened with her mom.  That was just hard she was struggling so much but trying to stay strong because that is what is expected of her.  If she shows weakness there is the chance she could end up in servitude.  Then there is the dreamy man you're in love with who is totally off limits because of ancient laws from the Gods that are punishable by servitude or death.  Really tries to kill the romance but still the heart never is a logical thing.  And then you have Seth who is suddenly everywhere and this weird connection with him, this cord you don't understand and that's not even counting the whole Apollyon to be thing or the furies that have been planted in the lobby of all Covenants. 

                We get to see more on her training which is fun.  I love that she isn't just magically good at things and while she is tough and good she is also working her ass off to make it that way.  I love the dedication.  I also loved that we got to see more of the class differences here.  It was much stronger especially when they go to the council to answer for what happened with her mother.  Dealing with so much and already vulnerable she has to face off with people who know just how to play her and will stop at nothing to put an end to her.  Seriously this was insane. Plus all the dialogue, the witty banter and back and forth between all the characters just made it flow!
                 Between the emotional and all the espionage and such it was a packed read.  I still adore Alex because well she's everything we can relate to even when she does stupid things and I yell at her like she were real and could hear me.  Aiden is amazing and I still want one of him, but without all the danger and complications because it just rips on my heart!  Then we have Seth…okay I don't like him.  There I said it.  I didn't care for him tons in the first book but then this one my feelings just solidified.  I mean boundaries hello.  And I don't like that he's trying to get between my ship.  Now I admit he has his moments where I kind of like him but then he usually ruins it.  Plus I have a feeling he knows way more than he's telling.  I also hold to my feelings about Lucien and Marcus.  Marcus I think is okay just not warm and fuzzy but I don't trust Lucien at all. 

                I did like getting to know some more of the students and class mates.  The divide between Half's and Pure's being drawn about more now that they can be turned.  The sudden shift in treatment and how everyone reacts to it.  I'm really hoping one of the end game plays is going to be abolish this whole class difference between them and also allow relationships.  Just saying I'm hopeful for the future.  More so after seeing much more of the servants and how they are and are treated.  It got under my skin so badly.  I was all into this book.  But yes we got to meet new people at the Council like Laaden who I enjoyed getting to know she added a bit of femininity to the mix as Alex is generally surrounded by men. 

                Anyways lots of things are happening and while I don't like some of them they are winding up my feelings and making me anxious to continue on.  More loses that feel like a knife to the heart, seriously though I was hoping it wouldn't happen but I was so wrong.  And then some of the discoveries and things happening….oh yeah it's on.  I can't wait to read the next book and continue on.    

                Until next time…


  1. LOVED this series!! JLA is the queen of witty banter :P !!!
    Kariny @ kariny's boox frenzy

    1. I know I'm enjoying being able to go through them without waiting!