Friday, May 4, 2018

Dimension Drift (Dimension Drift Worlds #1)

                Hey happy readers!  Sorry for going MIA on you.  The downside to dispatch and weird hours is swap over.  This week I have went from the last of night shift to day shift and the transition has been a bit of an adjustment.  I've been doing good on the sleep side of things but day shift means more people/interruptions and less reading time.  Just means I have to get back on track with my reading / typing outside of work which like the shift just takes a bit of adjusting.  That said this is the first of two delayed reviews from last week for you today.  Both I was lucky enough to score via NetGalley and came out on 4/24 so you can grab them now!  This first is a prequel in a new series, Dimension Drift (Dimension Drift Worlds #1) by Christina Bauer. 
Rating:  4 Stars

                So Dimensional Drift is a prequel to a new series by an auto-buy author of mine Christina Bauer.  I was excited to dive into this new world and see how things start off.  A very dystopian reality that has very strict laws and school is mostly a way to teach you how awesome the government is and have you working for free.  The sick or unproductive are removed and science is forbidden unless it is under strict control.  Basically being your own person is not an options.  Still we get to know Meimi and her world and how she survives day to day until everything goes out the window and a science crime leads to a stranger from another dimension and all sorts of trouble for her. 

                This is a seriously fast read but it got me curious about the world, which sounds horrible and no place I'd want to be in, and in Meimi.  The science behind it all with the different worlds and dimensions have such promise.  There is a bit of romance forming and I'm curious to know more about our gentleman.  There are so many questions from the Scythe, her sister, this world drifts, and more.  I look forward to learning more about them and diving into this new series full of science, action and adventure, and more. 

                More soon…

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