Thursday, October 25, 2018

Movie Corner #20

                Hello happy movie fans!    So another good couple weeks as far as movies go even if I am having serious issues with MoviePass.  I highly doubt I'll be continuing the service past this month and only have it now as it renewed before I could get the app to allow me to cancel.  See they have taken away my 3rd movie two months in a row now and that simply won't do for me.  So I don't know how this will impact my bi-weekly movie corner in the future but I will advise when I know more.  Until then here is what I’ve seen the last two weeks:

Bad Times at the El Royale: 4.5 Stars
                This movie had be hooked from the trailer.  It was different from everything coming out as of late and that appealed to me.  The idea of a bi-state establishment is always kind of fun but the idea of someone watching you….that amps up the suspense.  The film has a real noir feel to it and it is enhanced by the stellar cast for sure.  The pace slags in small parts but the story is there and really brings you into the characters stories.  I enjoyed the movie, more than I thought so win! 

Goosebumps 2:  Haunted Halloween: 4.5 Stars
                Okay so I of course watched the first movie when it came out because hello I grew up on Goosebumps books and VHS movies.  I always loved them and I enjoyed the movie it was cheesy and fun and something to enjoy.  So when I heard of another and focusing on my favorite holiday….yep of course I was down.  Movie two was much the same with all sorts of creatures you know from books and such and the ability to make fun of itself and I enjoyed it.  The only thing that brought be down, and it wasn’t even bad just something that was totally in my head.  I totally had Emma Swan vibes from Once Upon a Time from the main female, the red jacket, the black and white stripped sweater, the long blond hair, it was there.  I thought of course she had to be Emma for a costume or something right…nope never mentioned the resemblance and even a moment in the movie where I swear she looked just like Emma Swan just a coincidence.  None of this is bad just something that had been on my mind and after some searching I found several people who had the same thoughts so I wasn’t alone.  Now you can wonder too. 

The Hate U Give:  5 Stars
                So for this one I really wanted to read the book first but like most things I was behind schedule and didn't want to miss out on the big screen experience so I went for it.  So that said I can't speak to how well the book was translated just the movie as a whole.  I really liked it.  It was harsh.  It was hard.  It was very real.  It dealt with a major issue that is sadly nothing new, only now it is getting more light shed on it.  The acting was on point, Amandla Stenberg did an amazing job with this content.  Everyone else did a great job but Amandla went above and beyond.  Also side note Archie from Riverdale is in it and seeing him without the bright red hair I was used to was odd.  But back to the story I loved how grey and merky everything got.  Something horrible and tragic happens and the questions and conversations it brings up are ones that need to be addressed.  I really enjoyed this movie and I can't wait to read the book to compare. 

                So some people from work are getting together to see Halloween, which I admit to having never seen any of those movies before.  I'm trying to find the 1978 version to watch so I can join in because scary movies with others are even better.  Aside from that upcoming movies I'd like to see are Hunter Killer comes out this week and I also still want to catch Night School and Small Foot.  What about you fellow movie lovers, what movies have you seen recently?  What should I see? 

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