Friday, October 19, 2018

The Dark Lands (Angelbound Origins #5)

                Hello happy readers!  So today I have for you a new release from the end of September and a new addition to a favorite series of mine, The Dark Lands (Angelbound Origins #5) by Christina Bauer.   So this series is a bit out of order as I’ve already read some into the spin-off series as well as book 7 in the series, but that is just because the author is non-linear and wrote the original series with some time jumps between them and is now writing from those time jumps and all the adventures and shenanigans we missed out on.  I like to think this is because fans like myself wanted more, and that’s what I’m going to tell myself.  Anywho Goodreads makes things so easy for knowing the proper order as of now and here are my reviews leading up to this title: Duty Bound, Angelbound, Scala, Acca, & Thrax.

Rating:  5 Stars

                Myla’s life has changed for sure now a wife, mother, Great Scala, and Queen of the Thrax, she has her hands full.  Things seem to be going pretty well…until it hits the fan like always.  Her honorary brother Walker is being more secretive than usual and when he disappears into the Dark Lands leaving her a countdown and a promise to uphold they have another mission to complete, stopping Lucifer from escaping and all, and save not only Walker but all of the after realms.  So you know…no big deal.

                So in this we have another adventure with our favorite quasi, Myla.  She and Lincoln are always finding some trouble they have to stop.  They are trouble magnets.  This time it is Lucifer and someone trying to break him free to reign down all sorts of evil and honorary brother Walker’s disappearance is connected.  Meaning if they weren’t involved to begin with they are now for Walker.  I love these stories.  They are such fast paced books they fly on by.  You have a huge mystery and suspense and tons of action carrying you along.  Still no matter the seriousness of the matter Myla never loses her trademark sarcasm and I love her for it. 

                I will always read these books for more Myla and Lincoln.  They are relationship goals.  Plus added bonus baby Maxon time was just precious.  Seriously this kid is totally adorable and how he brings complete hard core kick butt characters to a panic is epic.  This is another fun adventure as we delve deeper into the world and make new discovers about the past.  I enjoyed getting to see more of how things used to be as well as learning about this whole new area and distant/reclusive House full of new characters you can love. 
                All in all this was a great addition to the world and I loved seeing Myla and Lincoln fight so hard for Walker.  He has done a lot for them over the years/series and they love him for sure and to see them go to bat for him like he always has for them was just epic.  This is a beautiful world I always look forward to getting lost in, magma demons and all if Myla and Lincoln are there too! 

                Until next time…

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