Monday, November 30, 2015

Air Awakens by Elise Kova ~A beautiful new fantasy!

                Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!  Back to the daily grind.  I am sad to say I got almost zero reading done during my weekend.  I was dead tired from shopping (nothing like the crazy people you see fighting) and doing some needed real life stuff.  I'm happy with my weekend either way.  Anywho after some time off I am ready to dive back in with another book review.  This one I read as part of the Facebook read-along party in anticipation for the release of book two in the series.  I was kind of bad at keeping up with the reading but did finish with the group and it was amazing so I'm counting it a win.  That book would be Air Awakens by Elise Kova and the sequel that is out and I am currently reading is Fire Falling.

Rating:  5 Stars

                AirAwakens is a high fantasy with all the best elements that pull the reading in instantly.  We follow Vhalla, a library apprentice, who finds out despite being brought up to fear the Tower of Sorcerers that she has magic in her when she saves the life of the sorcerer Crown Prince Aldrik.  She not just any power but the first of her kind in a very long time.  Now she is pulled into this world of magic and has to make a decision to embrace her power and give away the only life she's known or eradicate her magic and remain her normal plain self.  Taking time to make a decision sounds wise but indecision could cost a great price. 

                I went into this story not knowing much about it other than seeing it mentioned on other blogs in the past and thinking then it sounded good, good enough to make a note to check out later.  And that the cover looked pretty awesome.  So when I was invited to join the read along I was down for it.  Wanted to read it, check.  Chatting with other readers while reading, check.  Knocking out another book towards my goal in a structured time line to keep me on track, check.  I was so in.  I started strong but then got a bit behind but finished strong and having the ability to comment my thoughts as I went so amazing.  Also having the author there as well commenting and sharing her thoughts about scenes that really stuck with you was great fun.  One in particular I stopped reading to comment about because it just made me so happy.  I have one particular pet peeve that can make or break a book for me and this one totally made my day.  I won’t go into much detail but let’s just say that when someone does something horrible they aren’t just let off the hook without an explanation and apology.

                I was drawn in instantly to Vhalla’s life.  She is low on the totem poll but she is an apprentice which sounds like one of the better jobs if I’m honest.  She gets to spend her time hiding away ‘working’ and read.  How does that not appear to the book loved in all of us?  Her thirst for knowledge and stories made me relate to her and then when things went crazy from the start I was still there just as attached.   I like the idea that magic is sort of taboo.  Even the crown prince has it but those who don’t have it know little of it and like anything unknown it scares people.  To find out something you feared is now inside of you, it rocks your world and coming to terms with it is hard.  Vhalla really did go through so much but she still held her stubborn and strong willed self.  Prince Aldrik was another one whom caught my attention.  He is confusing to me.  He has so many conflicting things going on and I’m skeptical so I was constantly on guard as to if I trusted him or not but that was half the fun that he was written in such a way.  He’s not some perfect handsome prince who you instantly swoon over, he has darkness in him but at the same time there is something in him that still makes you want to swoon even if it might not be a good idea!  So many other side characters that played a significant part in the story and each had their own personalities, and impossible to pronounce names *cough*, the story flew by. 

                There is a lot happening in the story.  Introducing many characters, building up the world we are in, understanding of magic, but you also have more going on in the background.  Lots of little wheels turning and things happening.  There are a few things I wish I had learned more about but even with questions I can see how they may have been left blank to be filled in later when they better fit the story and where it is going.  With politics and royalty there is always the draw of intrigue and treachery.  The writing was beautiful and compelling and made it
                I could talk about this book on and on but without ruining some of the best parts I’m finding it rather difficult.  So I will leave you with it was amazing.  I’m currently reading Fire Falling but I had to force myself to stop until I did this review so I wouldn’t lose myself and talk ahead!  I highly recommend this book to everyone because it has something for everyone!  I’d love to hear your thoughts as well down below. 

                Until next time…

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