Monday, November 23, 2015

Cress: The Lunar Chronicles Book 3

                Happy Monday!  I hope this is a short week for many of you and you have great plans for the holidays!  I so hope many of you have now seen Mockingjay Part 2 as well, I did a full review here.  I am thinking of seeing it again later today because I loved it so much!  But in the mean time I wanted to continue on with my review of The Lunar Chronicles and move onto book three, Cress. If you missed it I reviewed Cinder and Scarlet previously.  As usual there will be spoilers for the first two books in the series so be warned, go catch up and come back.

Rating: 5 Stars

                In Cress, the third book in the Lunar Chronicles, we continue on with our previous characters Cinder, Scarlet, Wolf, Captain Throne, Prince Kai and so on but we get introduced to a new lead as well.  Cress of course!  Cress is based around Rapunzel, though instead of being stuck in a tower she’s been imprisoned on a satellite since childhood with only her netscreens to keep her company.  This has made her an excellent hacker and the groups best hope of staying ahead, though she just received orders from Queen Levana to hunt them down.  When her daring rescue goes badly the group is separated.  Cress is finally free of the satellite but it’s not without cost.  The group, split, but keep moving forward and though they didn’t volunteer keep trying to save the world while Queen Levana is bound and determined nothing will prevent her marriage to Emperor Kai and of course ruling over the world. 

                I just loved it.  We got more Captain Thorne, who if you didn’t read my review of Scarlet to know, whom I just adore.  Cress has a major crush on this handsome rogue as well which is written so beautifully, all sweet, cute, and innocent but still with something more as they get to know one another all the while Cress is learning how the world works in real life not just on the screens.  Cress has been through a lot but she is ready to help and dive right in I liked her from the start.  But even though we have them we also have plenty of the other gang is well with everyone working to their own ends as they are all fugitives.  Each character is going through some serious emotional and physical trials which add depth to everyone and the story at large. 
                 I really enjoyed watching the plot unfold and how things twined together.  There was lots of action happening, mystery, political power plays and spy like moves to keep you glued to the page.  Oh and some romance happening….when you’re heart isn’t breaking that is.  There is also plenty of comic relief throughout in the moments when you need it and my favorite ones are still from Thorne and Iko!  If I didn’t already love Throne (sorry Cress I might have to fight you for him) then a gift he gives would have totally won me over, even if he went about getting it a bit badly.  I do think one of my favorite parts of the series is how everyone is involved and no one is just stuck sitting on the side lines as the story moves along, everyone has a story and a purpose.  Which as you gain more characters of different temperaments and personalities it’s just bound to be interesting. 

                We also get a deeper look into Luna as a whole.  Not just as moon people who can use glamour but inside the castle.  We also get an introduction to Winter, the title character from the final book.  Things are getting serious and I have so many theories and sub plot lines running through my head trying to figure out how it will all play out and if I can prepare myself for any surprises.  I highly recommend this series to everyone it just gets better with each book. 

                That’s all I have to share with you as of now.  I look forward to getting into Winter and getting my full thoughts of it and the series as a complete whole soon.  I also wanted to take a moment and give a small update.  With this week being a holiday I hope you are all safe and happy.  I will be posting my usual Tuesday and Wednesday posts but I will not be posting anything on Thanksgiving Thursday as a heads up.  Still I wish you all the best and safest of holidays.

                Until next time…

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