Friday, November 20, 2015

Mockingjay Part 2: The Conclusion of the series

                So today is the day The Hunger Games movies come to an end; Mockingjay Pt. 2 is officially out.  I went with a group of friends to go see the ‘advanced’ showing AKA what used to be known as midnight showings before they decided to put them at 7 or 8pm instead.  I have some thoughts on that change but that’s for another time, today I want to share my thoughts and feels of the concluding movie.  My review for Mockingjay Pt. 1 can be found here.

Rating:  5 Explosive Arrows!!!

                I am just in love with this conclusion.  Mockingjay was my least favorite of the books, and not just because of some deaths, but because it felt disjointed and rushed.  Some aspects were rushed wham bam next, and other aspects seemed to take forever considering the pacing of the other parts.  The movie did a great job in splitting into two movies and giving us more time to delve into some aspects.  I also give huge props for finishing up the movie without Philip Seymour Hoffman, I was unable to tell/notice while watching any scenes where he was digitally altered/added if it happened it was seamless and changing how some lines were delivered was just perfect. 

                Part 2 picks up just where we left off, Peeta and the others were rescued but upon seeing Katniss he goes into a blind rage and attacks her.  He does serious damage chocking her.  We find out he’s been hi-jacked, programed with tracker-jacker venom inducing fear and made to associate Katniss with fear and pain.  Horrible right.  Anywho we pick up with her throat still bruised but the brace coming off and her voice being rough from damage.  Still at war and trying to not lose momentum in the rebellion is key.  They need to move on the capitol but they still have other things to accomplish first.  And Snow isn’t going to make it easy for them.  Though when you’re not sure you completely trust Coin either it’s a hard place to be. 
                 I loved the visuals of the movie.  From the warn town areas to the capitols outlandish attire and fashion ideals and everything in between.  Peeta looks wrecked.  He looked like hell and given what he had been through it makes sense and looked real.  Then let us talk about the ‘games’ AKA traps.  They are insane.  That tar flood and the mutts!  Great stuff.  Really the mutts were beyond disgusting and creepy looking and sure to give small children nightmares and that tar, yikes not just water but tar.  The journey through it all was spectacular and the contrast from dark to light was on point back and forth seeing things from both sides, which again is something the movies were able to excel at and we didn’t get in the books. 

                Seeing how things went down from Snows POV was perfect.  It shows more depth to the character who wasn’t just evil for the purpose of being evil, he did have some qualities about him that make him seem human.  Do you like him?  NO!  But having him seem human was great.  Another aspect I enjoyed better for the movie was that they really worked on playing up some of the political/power play aspects and more of Coin and the not trusting her part.  The depth was nice and it made the ending resonate that much more.  We also got to see more of the ones we already love and learn a bit more about them like the propo-team, Cressida, Pollux, and Castor.  Favorites like Johanna and her spastic behavior and random outbursts add to the comic relief we find normally in Effie and Haymitch.  We also got to see more of Finnick and Annie!  Oh the wedding was just so sweet, made even more powerful given what you know he was put through not just in the games but as a victor sold out for the night.  I could name all the characters I really could because they did a great job and it was good to see familiar faces, like Commander Paylor, Boggs, Beetee, Plutarch L and new ones like Tigress.  All stunning performances. 
                 The cast did a stellar job and the story moved along and blended well, so well that even as I expected (and dreaded most) all the known deaths I still found myself shocked when they happened.  No amount of planning could prepare me for seeing it on the screen.  One particular death in the book I thought was moved through too quickly just there, bye, moved on; was given more depth and feeling which I loved.  Counter to that though I did find another death that was I believe several chapters and mental anguished for long gaps was over in an instant.  I am glad the long drawn out breakdown was played out differently but I wish they could have extended the emotion just a bit given how pivotal it was.  That was my only real complaint of the movie. 

                That’s all I really have to say.  It was amazing at keeping you on your toes.  Though I will say at certain parts I was the only one in my group who didn’t jump, just saying!  Though I did hold back tears better than I thought I would I still got teary at some parts I’ll tell you which in the comments if you ask.  I think this was a perfect wrap up to the series that is solid and true to the books.  I can’t wait to see it again and own it so I can watch it whenever I want and marathon the whole collection, because you know that needs to happen when it’s out!
                 Until next time…May the odds be ever in your favor.

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  1. i can't believe the series is over. It's so hard saying goodbye to such a great franchise. I absolutely loved the movie and I can't wait to see it again :)