Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Lunar Chronicles Book 1 Cinder by Marissa Meyer!

                So I'm sure you all are well aware what came out Tuesday…well a few things came out but one of those beautiful books was Winter by Marissa Meyer.  The 823 page fourth and final book in TheLunar Chronicles.  I am caught up with the series and cannot wait to dive into the book.  I even read the novella featuring Queen Levana's story, Fairest, the other weekend.  So I am beyond ready to start this massive book.  I hope should all things in life work out to read this book rather quickly but I realized that I have yet to post reviews on the previous books and while that isn't necessary by any means I wanted to do them.  Plus writing them up from notes I made while reading will help further help get me in the groove for Winter!   So today I'll talk about book one in The Lunar Chronicles, Cinder.

Rating: 5 Stars
                First let us just appreciate the beautiful covers!  Plus they all match!  Technically Fairest is a bit off but spines all match!

                So in case you've lived under a rock and are unfamiliar Cinder is a sci-fi, fantasy, fairytale retelling.  Each book has a new main female character added but they all play into the main character of the series (that's what I'm going with) Cinder.  Oh and there are people, ruthless really, who live on the moon that have these creepy 'gifts' aka powers to glamour themselves and also some have the power of mind control, which is freaky!  Well with Queen Levana it is anyways!  Cinder is a gifted mechanic  and also a cyborg, that's part human and part machine.  Making her a second-class citizen in the plagued world living in New Beijing.  Her mother hates her and when one of her step sisters becomes ill with the plague she is blamed.  Throw in her run-ins with the handsome Prince Kai and Cinder is in the middle of a huge mess.  She is stuck trying to figure out her heart, her past and what it all means and choose between duty, freedom, and loyalty.  Somehow the fate of the world rests on her shoulders. 
                 Sounds awesome right?  It is.  I loved this book.  I was drawn in from the start and I couldn't believe it took me so long to start the series.  Grant it I was happy to have three books ready for me without waiting but WOW waiting for Winter has been killer.  Bright side if you haven't started the series yet…you can read all the way through now! 

                Seriously though I loved this series.  Cinder was so much fun to read about.  It was very familiar in the Cinderella aspect but at the same time so much is different, like she's a cyborg.  Yeah that is totally a thing.  Oh and the plague killing tons of people.  The Lunars, the ruthless moon people I mentioned above, are lead by Queen Levana who is a total piece of work.  She is vindictive and power drunk.  She plays sweet and innocent but it's clear by her actions she is nothing of the sort.  Back to Cinder, she is a mechanic and a damn good one at that.  Her life has never been easy but she has one step-sister who doesn't hate her and Iko!  Iko might be one of my favorite characters ever, oh and she is an android.  She is hilarious!  I love her!  She is Cinder's only real friend and when she meets Prince Kai and feels an instant attraction she knows it could never be more because not only is she a poor mechanic but she is also a cyborg.  You relate to her and the struggles she is put through. 

                There is constantly something happening from the intrigue around the Earth and Lunar treaty, the interactions of Cinder and Kai or further on as Cinder starts to discover who she really is and more about her past, pre-cyborg days, than she ever expected.  Then as things pick up she must decide on the best course of action and what is best for herself as well as the world she knows. 

                Lots happening.  I don't want to go through too much but we get some amazing characters and so many more turn out in the series.  Lots to do and uncover and just keeps you wanting more.  That's all for now.  I'm working on the reviews for the others and plan to post through the next couple weeks.  Tell me your thoughts below and feed my inner book lion.  What do you think of The Lunar ChroniclesCinder?  Have you already read Winter (no spoilers if you did please)?  What did you think of this type of fairytale retelling?

                Until next time…


  1. I'm so glad you are reviewing all the books in the Lunar Chronicles. As you know, I absolutely adore this series. I really loved reading Cinder and learning more about the world Marissa Meyer created. I probably won't get to read Winter until Xmas because of work, but at least I'll have an amazing xmas :D

    1. Awe I hear you. I hope to get to it sooner but who knows at this moment with some ARCs and so many books on my TBR I'm currently working through but I want to so badly! Merry Christmas to you ;)