Friday, November 6, 2015

~The Geneva Project: Lies by Christina Benjamin~

                Happy Friday readers!  Today I'd like to take a moment to announce the winner of the last giveaway: Bogdana.  Congratulations!  Next I'd like to share my thoughts and feels on The Geneva Project:  Lies by Christina Benjamin the third book in the series.  Also I should note this is not the last book in the trilogy as I initially thought, right up until the end that left me in shock as I had it in my head this was only a trilogy.  Probably that there are so many series that are in the form of trilogies.  Anyhow not the end.  There will be spoilers for the first two books in the series I've already reviewed, Truth and Secrets, and an interview I did with one of my favorite characters, Sparrow here.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

                Lies takes place just where we left off and it is true to the title.  There are an abundance of lies being told throughout the story.  Geneva and our gang try to sneak back into the orphanage to try and locate the other two pillars but things don’t go as planned.  They are caught as soon as they step inside and treated to a non to pleasant welcome.  The orphanage is no an Academy for all students orphans and Luxors to attend and learn funded by the new headmaster, Malakai aka also secret leader of the Ravinori, things are not as they remember.  The place is now clean and full of the finer things in life but the dangers inside are more real than ever. 

                We get to meet new characters and connect with old ones as well.  Loyalties are tested and new bonds are forged.  New mysteries are revealed and new schemes are put in place.  There is a constant black out of information as everyone is lying left and right for one reason or another be it justified or not.  The two biggest players in the lying game are Geneva and Jemma, though more Jemma since they all start with her.  The lies start to pile up quickly.  I did get a bit frustrated with them and how she was allowing herself to keep them when every instinct told her to be honest.  I think mostly because of Jemma, I don’t care any reasons why she should be given a chance or a benefit of the doubt since book one she has been nothing but a total bitch.  She has undermined the group and the mission at every turn with any way to put herself ahead.  She is selfish and I wouldn’t have taken her on the mission to begin with.  Jemma is a real piece of work and my opinion of her only plummets from in Lies.

                Geneva is stuck in a hard spot.  I didn’t understand this as much because of my personality, I’d rather watch the world burn than give someone the satisfaction of hurting me when I could flip things on them by telling the truth consequences be damned.  I’m a bit stubborn in that way.  Still I could see how Geneva struggled with it.   I also liked getting to know Kia even though I hated that as she got to know him, for the cause, it was hurting Nova.  Nova I still adore him and his hot temper.  It’s hard to get to know people and get them on your side when you have to be careful who you tell the truth too.  Plus all the tricks and trials they face all designed to confirm what the baddies already know and figure out a way to use her further. 

                I really liked this story and I look forward to learning what happens next even more since I was shocked with the ending.  I was convinced somehow that this was a trilogy and I was getting anxious as the pages dwindled and we were getting more and more into something and trying to figure out how it could be resolved in so few pages but then I find it isn’t over and many things are not resolved.  I NEED answers and I’m intrigued to see where things go from here.  As for why this book went down just a touch in rating for me is just a personal pet peeve of mine.  When lies play a big part of the story (hence the title) there is only so many times you can promise no more lies and follow it up with a lie before I hold it against you.  No matter the reason after you swear it you don’t break it, definitely not more than once.  Plus I wanted a certain someone to get maimed the whole story and I got no karma or retribution there, but I hope it will come in the next book.  Still I highly enjoyed the book and look forward to continuing on in the series. 

                Feed my happy feels and tell me your thoughts below.  What would make you tell a lie to those you love?  How many chances would you give someone who has wrong you time and time again?  I’d love to know. 

                Until next time…

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