Friday, March 25, 2016

Challenge Wrap-Up: March

                So today is the 25th which means it is time for my monthly challenge update and wrap-up; Month 3.  Basically I want to share my progress with you all and it helps me hold myself accountable.  With that in mind this is how I’ve done this month.

Goodreads Challenge:
Goal: 100
At:  37

2016 Debut Authors:
Goal: 12
At: 3
Don't GetCaught by Kurt Dinan (review)

Rock My TBR:
Goal: As many as possible!
At: 18
What I've Read:
Willowgrove by Kathleen Peacock (review)
Born AtMidnight by C.C. Hunter
Awake atDawn by C.C. Hunter
Taken atDusk by C.C. Hunter
Snow LikeAshes by Sara Raasch (review)
Winter by Marissa Meyer (review)

Series Ender Challenge:
Goal: 15+
At: 4
What I've Finished:
Hemlock trilogy by Kathleen Peacock with Willowgrove
The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer with Winter

                 All in all I'd say it was a pretty successful month.  I didn't get to finish or review my debuts but that just means next month will be even better!  I'd love to hear how you're doing so link back to your wrap up!


  1. I really liked Truthwitch AND Snow like Ashes! Winter was INCREDIBLE and i couldn't be more happy with how that series ended!
    Great wrap up! it looks like you had a really successful month!
    Emily @

    1. I feel like I had a pretty good month! And YES Winter was amazing!!! I had so so many feels! I cheated and read the novella that takes place after them first (still going to read the others) but that was OMG needed it!

  2. You had an amazing month! So glad we read Snow Like Ashes together :) Keep up the good work!

    1. I feel like I did a lot! Reading it together was a lot of fun!