Thursday, March 3, 2016


                Hello happy readers.  It has been an interested few days.  Real quick reminder my giveaway for a SIGNED copy of Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman is still open with 4 days left (3/7/16) so don’t forget to enter here.  Many of you may have noticed I’m trying to put a huge dent in some of the books/series I have that have been sitting around for a while waiting to be read by me I find it refreshing I mean I clearly bought them for a reason, I wanted to read them.  Last month I read through the Hemlock trilogy by Kathleen Peacock which I rather enjoyed and plan to review them all for you guys.  But today we'll just review book one, Hemlock.

Rating:  4 Stars

                I admit I’d forgotten what this series was about prior to picking it back up.  Basically it’s about werewolves.  Lupine syndrome (LS) is a known thing in the world and werewolves are not looked upon happily but treated as a biohazard basically, something most fear.  Mac’s world has been screwed up since her best friend Amy was murdered by a white werewolf.  Since her death she’s been haunted by dreams of her dead friend.  When an extremist group known as Trackers come into her town of Hemlock, it’s to combat their werewolf problem.  While some might try to hide their symptoms and stay out of the camps others develop bloodlust, what they say killed Amy.  Unable to think of anything else Mac decides to investigate her best friends murder herself and is thrown into the danger of it all.

                The story moves along pretty easily and kept me interested and I learned what was happening in this world.  A small town with its social class divide and a string of attacks that were never solved and pretty interesting characters.  Mac lives with her cousin Tess, who is pretty much a punky awesome guardian, after her criminal father abandons her at a motel.  She has a crush on her best friend, Kyle, and is also looking after Amy's boyfriend, Jason, who has taken to making some rather questionable decisions since her death.  When we meet her Mac has already been through some stuff.  She has some issues of her own but she is strong and determined.  She was relatable. 

                Parts of the plot, a murdered best friend and trying to uncover what happened in a town with a strong economical divide, made me think of one of my favorite TV shows of times past, Veronica Mars.  Jason at times reminded me of Logan, Amy to Lily, and of course Mac to Veronica!  That only made me fly through the story more, and of course there was much more to the death than meets the eye.  But watching as they uncovered it was rather fun and some of the things that happen along the way were definitely something to keep your heart pumping.   

                More than a who done it, we have the moral implications of the LS being out there.  How it and anyone infected or sympathizers with infected are viewed in the new world.  Does being infected with LS make you less human?  What is the right way to handle the infection?  So many different questions, I loved how the story played on that throughout the whole series.  What makes one human?  That's all for book one I look forward to reviewing the next two books as well in the coming weeks so keep an eye on that.  I'd love to know what you think down below in the comments. 

                Until next time…

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