Thursday, March 10, 2016

Don't Get Caught ~ Let the prank war begin

                Hello happy readers!  Today I am reviewing a digital ARC I received thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review, a book I have been excited about and featured in a previous Waiting on Wednesday post, and that book is, Don't Get Caught by Kurt Dinan coming out April 1st.  How fitting!

Review:  5 Stars

                To give a quick summary Don't Get Caught is about pranks.  The schools notorious Chaos Club sends a group of students to get caught after one of their pranks, including Max.  Max is just a no one, invisible nothing spectacular in his life kind of guy who loves heist movies.  Feeling betrayed and humiliated by the set up Max goes by a simple heist movie rule, get payback.  He decides to take down the Chaos Club.

                I love heist stories.  Don't Get Caught has so many amazing and on point cinematic references that left me shaking my head in agreement and also wanting to re-watch them, though I couldn't put the book down to do that.  It's epic in a high school way.  Things many of us wish we could have pulled off in school.  The pranks themselves both from planning to the follow through to the aftermath was pure hysteria for me.  Each of the water tower five had their own motives and unique personality, like any good crew does.  All from the perspective of Max as he gets to know each of his crew better and sees there is more than your first opinion of anyone, even the evil administration. 

                While I loved seeing all the pranks ensure the story also has more depth to it that you don't even realize until you're in the middle of some deep and life altering questions.  Max is a fun and entertaining person to see things from, maybe because he reminds me of myself loving movies and not being the social butterfly and all but he learns more about himself as the book and pranks progress.  We get to grow with him through the book as he comes to some harsh truths about life and what he wants to stand for.  I really enjoyed the story and so have the urge to prank someone now, though maybe I shouldn't have told that to the whole internet and ruin the element of surprise, drats. 

                Overall I think anyone who enjoys any good heist plots, contemporary, comedy, or anything could enjoy this without complaint.  There is so much happening but you never lose pace and it never felt the least bit slow to me.  I need a physical copy of this book for my shelf it was so good, and that cover is just perfect.  I hope the author does a book event near me I'd love to hear how he came up with some of the pranks and such he came up with.  Genius level stuff.  Now I'm off to go browse my heist movies and find the best one to fill the void of reaching the end of the pranks in this book. 

                I'd love to hear your thoughts and feels down below.  Have you ever pranked someone or been pranked?  I never did any major pranks but one thing I did part take in high school was an anonymous newsletter circulating once a month for one year, it had real thoughts on things from teachers and administrations, lunches, to school programs, even focusing on exposing some truths and some hilarious photos past and present.  It wasn't approved and no one ever found out who was behind it, though it was when Myspace was cool so I think I'm safe admitting my involvement now.   Most of my classmates probably don't remember it anymore but it was something we created and it was special.  What about you?

                Until next time…

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