Thursday, April 26, 2018

Movie Corner #7

                Hello happy movie fans!    So while I have been slacking on book reading as evidenced by my pitiful April Reading Challenge Wrap-Up, I have been making the most of my pass and seeing some movies!  That said here is what I’ve seen the last two weeks:

Truth or Dare: 5 Stars
                So the concept of the movie is a horror movie that is a game of Truth of Dare that has deadly stakes.  It came out on Friday the 13th (which is also the day I saw it) and I always love to see a good horror flick then as I find the superstitious people to be a riot in the movie freaking out.  This was very true anything something happened, the creepy smile you see in the trailer, yep people jumped and freaked and it was hilarious.  I am the dark person who laughs in horror movies….I can’t help myself.  I love horror movies even though I never get scared I love them.  This was a fun take on things and I enjoyed myself though out the movie.  It had its flaws but overall I really liked it. 

The Miracle Season:  5 Stars
                So this one I knew from the trailer I was probably going to cry….and I did…several times.  Yeah when the movie was over you could hear lots of nose blowing and jazz people had been holding in.  I had to laugh because I had been silently wiping mine away as well with my prepared tissues.  The movie is based on a true story and it tugs at the heart.  I enjoyed it and will watch it again….with more tissues.

Rampage:  5 Stars
                This movie is everything I expected it to be.  Now I never played the video game and had no context in that sense but I enjoyed the idea of the giant creatures, evil experiments run by purely horrible people, and everyday people trying to step into a situation they are totally underprepared for.  I mean the whole military is trying to take down huge building sized creatures without much impact but The Rock is going for it.  I LOVED it because OMG it’s great fun.  Of course he would take it on.  It’s got some action and lots of laughable moments, some intended some maybe not intended but I found hilarious.  It has fun with itself and that makes it something I would for sure watch again!

A Quiet Place:  4.5 Stars
                So it took me a bit longer to see this than I planned but I did.  I heard some amazing things from friends and I was super excited for it.  I had also seen all the hilarious comments about people being afraid to eat their popcorn in the movie, still that said I didn’t have anything to snack on for fear of disturbing my fellow movie goers.  I admit vast parts of the movie were startling quiet though I think my local theatre needs to update their soundproofing as I could hear the faint explosions from the movie next to mine and that is normally not something I ever notice before.  It’s a unique type story and way of telling it as there wasn’t much dialogue, some conversations are signed but for the most part we just see everything as it unfolds and learn what has been happening.  I would have loved a bit more back story as to how it started and such but I can also appreciate that it’s a survival story we dive into as they live their lives in this new reality having adapted and found a way to live around it.  I enjoyed it overall and appreciated the story it told and the way it was presented. 

Traffik:  3 Stars
                I didn't dislike it.  I came out of it thinking about the matter of human trafficking and how much of a problem it is which is a positive I think.  Still the movie just felt like it lacked a lot for me.  I went in thinking it was about a couple on a sweet vacation and then being brought into these horrible circumstances trying to escape crazy people.  I saw some plot holes and some acting moments that made me cringe a bit plus while I can get behind a bit of a slow build/character build they spent a lot of time on sex/sexy scenes trying to show this great love that I just never felt.  I just didn't connect with them and so much seemed out of the normal realm of reason.  Still once it kicks up it was a pretty good horror story happening.  

                So I had planned to see I Feel Pretty by now but my bestie wanted me to see it with her so we have decided to make a girls night out of it this weekend.  So I look forward to that and….oh yeah Infinity War comes out tomorrow.  I had planned to see the first early showing tonight but sigh work schedule wouldn’t allow that to happen so I will be avoiding all social media comments about it before I see it Friday!  What about you?  What movies have you seen recently or are excited to see?  What else should I see?  


  1. I went to see Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle a few weeks ago and of course a trailer they showed was Rampage. It looked really awesome!

    1. Of course you have to show a Rock movie trailer for a Rock movie lol.

    2. I saw a trailer for Skyscraper (another of his movies) when I saw Rampage.

  2. Wow! That's a lot of movies! I've seen one movie in theaters so far this year, and it was Black Panther. Infinity War is next! XD

    Glad you liked A Quiet Place. I'll never see it in theaters (too chicken), but I'll probably check it out once it's rentable.

    Thanks for visiting Shell's Stories!

    1. haha it's cool scary movies aren't for everyone in large crowds. I hope you'll enjoy it in your home. And yeah I see tons I just have the access now and I'm making the most of my pass thing lol. I saw Infinity War Friday and it was beyond words.