Monday, April 2, 2018

Society of Wishes (Wish Quartet #1)

                Hello happy readers!  I hope you all had a good weekend and if you celebrate a Happy Easter.  We are finished with March and into April now.  Time seems to be going at super speed in some areas and inching along in others.  As for time for reading there is never enough, but that said I did enjoy participating in a Facebook read-along with the authors for Society of Wishes (Wish Quartet #4).  I am still enjoying the chats on the group page but once you hit a certain part it's hard to not keep reading and finish up.

Rating:  4 Stars

                The age old saying is be careful what you wish for.  Well Josephina 'Jo' is a hacker-for-hire in a very different reality than we know, a fractured US.  Then one day on a job her best friend and her are caught and as bullets rain down she uses her last breathe to make a wish, something she remembered from her grandmother in days past.  Her wish is simple enough to save her friend and she will accept the price no matter the cost.  The cost, she is now a member of the mysterious Society of Wishes set to live among the other members in a separate time space and use her gifts to help grant future wishes.  Though she is given the plush new digs and can do pretty much anything her new home lacks one major aspect…freedom and purpose.  Checking in on her friend to ensure her wish was put to good use she finds him about to attempt the same task that got them both killed to start with.  Now what do you do when interfering is against the rules?

                This was a quick read for sure and I did really enjoy the concept.  A magical society that grants wishes that alter the reality.  I loved the idea of them being from all different worlds and time periods and each with their own power.  The way they live is rather unique and we are only just getting to know a few of them as Jo learns her place and tries to accept her new reality.  This book is more about her than anything else.  There isn’t some big bad guy / evil to face down just a new reality to accept that basically tears apart everything you knew in the world. 

                We are still getting to know this world but this was a good start.  I can see the start of some much bigger questions and I look forward to watching unfold.  The characters have peeked my interest and I look forward to learning more about the other members of the society and the society as a whole.  Thankfully the sequel, Circle of Ashes, comes out next week April 9th so I won’t have to wait long.

                Until next time…

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