Monday, June 11, 2018

Juniper Skies (Juniper Series #3)

                Hello happy readers.  So diving right into it here this book is the 3rd book in the companion series, Juniper Skies by Lora Richardson.  I have reviewed the previous books here:  The Edge of Juniper & Juniper Limits as well as her other stand-alone title Outspoken.  I was lucky enough to be provided a copy in exchange for an honest review but honestly as soon as I found out little Abe was getting his own story as he grew up I knew I had to read it!  Again this is a companion series so the other books are necessary but this will spoil those for you and they are great so start from the beginning!

Rating:  5 Quarts Rocks

                As I said I read the previous books about the other characters in this small town and I really enjoyed them.  I knew Abe as he was young going through some things that no child should have to deal with but still grabbing hold of your heart.  Now we have seen the stories from his cousin and sister but now it’s his turn, years after the last book when he is working hard in the summer before his senior year.    We also meet Delphine, who has spent her whole life on the road traveling with her gram from place to plan in an RV.  It's an interesting life for sure but she has a desire to settle down in one place for at least a little while and so her gram decides Juniper will be her home for all of her senior year.

                Abe and his life has changed quite a bit since we last saw him.  He isn't the happy easy going kid.  He is a loner with a bit of a reputation.  He doesn't want to be around people but keeps to himself.  This books, series as a whole really, manages to tackle some really deep and real issues.  With his father in prison for the past few years about to get out and the emotional upheaval that brings up, to the way he has struggled with his fathers history as he grew into a young man.  I loved reading his parts as we saw what was going on for him and how everything impacted his life and his choices to this point.  I loved seeing him with his family both his mother and sister but more with the family he made with Faye/Malcolm and his mom.  He still has a support system and you are rooting for him to take their advise. 

                 Delphine has never really had any real friends.  Moving too often to make any lasting friendships.  She has a whole list of things she wants to accomplish in fact including kissing a boy.  She reminded me a lot of how Abe used to be with a special helping of determination.  She wants to make new friends and form her own opinions and not let others shape her view of someone.  I loved her chapters as she got to know others around town and even when she wanted to be liked and included she didn't succumb to the pressure and change who she is. 

                There are several foot in mouth moments as these town begin to know and understand one another.  It is slow burning and beautiful.  I was so in awe of this story and how it weaved such emotionally powerful moments dealing with real emotion and issues into such an overall sweet and uplifting story.  It amazed me from start to finish.    I loved the romance between them some of the moments written for them had me swooning something fierce.  Seriously this is where book boyfriends are made! This was a story all about Abe and Delphine but one added benefit is we also got to check in on our other couples from the previous books because of their closeness to Abe in this one big mixed up family!  I love it all.  I'm sad this is supposed to be the end of Juniper but thrilled to know they have each other.

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  1. I don't think I've heard of this series. Are the other books just as good? :)

    1. Oh they are! Such good reads for a sweet small town story that warms your heart!