Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday!

               So everyone knows about the craziness that is Black Friday Shopping.  I admit I go.  I don’t go crazy and sit outside the store for hours for one item or anything.  I mostly go to check out the deals that I see in store, normally don’t even check ads too much.  I go to get cheap DVD’s.  Yep you heard me I go to get the movies on sale, $2 for some. 

                Now this year I’m currently unemployed and considered not going knowing I need to save all money but I had this small stash I’d had saved for some fun/entertainment fund and well…the opportunity to go watch the madness of Black Friday won.  Yep my mother asked if I wanted to go with her and help her so I got a free meal and picked up some good deals too.

                My favorite moment though was in Wal-Mart.  Now this year they did the scatter sales starting at 10pm and then different ones starting at midnight.  Well we had raided the movies and had just picked up a couple things not on sale but still needed from the back of the store.  Knowing we’d be in line forever, as the lines were so long we had to go along the side of the store to the garden department to get into the heart of the store.  Ironically the movies were set up in produce this year (opposite side from garden in ours).  Any who we made our way through, myself smiling and laughing the whole way enjoying the madness.  Normally I don’t like crowds of people but this for some reason always seems more interesting that horrifying. 

                Well we decided to take turns using the restroom in the back and all and as we were sorting out her things and I helped her check off some of her lists midnight hit.  WOW there were screams and other loud commotion I couldn’t quite identify but apparently they opened the midnight electronics sales not far from where we were hidden out.  It was like watching starved wild cats fight for the bloody scraps of meat.  Seriously.  If I hadn’t been helping my mother organizing her things and had my hands busy I would have found a better angle and video recorded it on my phone. 

                This is why I love Black Friday shopping.  I write and that stuff gives me so much to write.  OMG the stories you hear in the packed lines, people are crazy.  They will do incredibly stupid things to get something on sale.  Like the ones who wait outside the store for hours before they open to get something.  Hey I respect your dedication and need to get a good deal but please remember this when you criticize and question people waiting outside for a midnight showing of a movie.  We have the same goal, get something.  You a good deal, us a good seat.  And might I just point out that while the people sitting outside the store are sitting at least us outside the theatre are doing more, we don’t consider it sitting in line its more of a party or gathering of friends for fun before an event.

                So this was short and sweet but I had to comment on the night.  Also thank you to all of you who do the crazy things that give me this giddy feeling.  I am off to go watch some of my new DVD’s.

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