Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RTW: Writing Coach

Every Wednesday YA Highway ask a question Road Trip Wednesday which I was turned onto by reading a fellow writers blog Unavoidable Awkwardness by Laurie Dennison.  So I’m going to start taking part as often as I can because it’s just so much fun.

This weeks RTW question is What kind of writing coach do you need?  What kind are you?

                So this is my first ever question from RTW so here goes.  I need a coach who encourages me to write.  I write so much, between my fanfiction, my book, this blog which I am really enjoying, to now even some short stories, I always write but never seem to get far.  I do realize I write more for my fanfiction than my book but I think that has to do with simplicity.  It’s all about the story and not so much about grammar and tense and such.  I recently went back and read my first story in my fanfiction saga and it made me cringe how bad some of the stuff was written but thankfully the story was good enough to keep readers.  Along with simplicity I think I also lean towards that because I know I can write it and post it and I have people waiting on each chapter directly.  Instant gratification of comments and feedback always helps inspire.
                I have a good friend who is also writing her own book and for a couple years we try to encourage each other at everything be it writing or life.  I love to hear that she is enjoying the story and where it is going.  More importantly though she points out things that as a reader she questions.  I feel that a good writing coach is someone who will tell you the great things they love and the kind of feedback you as an author want but also tells you the bad or the just not there yet parts.  That way you know overall it’s good but it just needs some work.  I try to be that way with all those who have me read their work.  I start with the positive then add in the parts that made me as a reader think ‘that doesn’t make sense’. 

                So I think I just need someone as mentioned above but in my case also helps me stay on track and dedicate time to each of my writings and not to get stuck on one.  Signing off now to go work on a short story that came to me the other day when I couldn’t sleep. 

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